Fans are confident Rockhopper is Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child on The Masked Singer UK

Michelle Williams on the red carpet
Fans believe Rockhopper is Michelle Williams on The Masked Singer UK. Pic credit: ©

The Masked Singer UK is back with its third season and is already creating a huge buzz on social media. Singer Rita Ora, television presenter Davina McCall, chat show host Jonathan Ross, and comedian Mo Gilligan all returned as judges, as well as Joel Dommett as the host.

So far, two out of the 12 contestants have been unmasked. On January 1, M People frontwoman Heather Small was revealed to be Chandelier.

The following night, 81-year-old television presenter and Loose Women panelist Gloria Hunniford was the second celebrity eliminated after taking part as Snow Leopard.

10 unmasked celebrities remain and it seems many viewers believed they’ve already figured out who Rockhopper is after their first performance on the show.

Rockhoppers clues and debut performance

In their first clue package, Rockhopper was surrounded by a circus setup. They insisted everyone should call them “the entertainer” because they are “here to bring you a show.” In the background played The Greatest Show from The Greatest Showman soundtrack.

The back of Rockhoppers costume had XLVII written on it. They said, “rockhopper penguins are known for their ability to jump,” and stated they hope they’ll “bounce through this competition and dazzle you all.”

For their first performance, Rockhopper made quite the introduction by performing Kygo and Whitney Houston’s hit song Higher Love. Their vocals proved they are a singer and someone who is used to being on stage. For their final clue, Firework said “this penguin made headlines by being the first.”

When it came down to the panel giving their first guesses, they listed a number of entertainers such as Alesha Dixon, Kimberly Wyatt, and Zendaya. However, viewers believe they’ve already figured out who Rockhopper is after one performance.

Many of the clues point to Destiny’s Child star Michelle Williams

The panel are correct in thinking that Rockhopper is an all-around entertainer. With that being said, many fans believe it is something they didn’t mention: Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams.

As most will know, Williams rose to fame when she joined Kelly Rowland and Beyonce Knowles as a member of iconic girl group Destiny’s Child. The Say My Name hitmakers are no stranger to putting on a show-stopping show, which relates to Rockhopper referring to themselves as “the entertainer.”

The VT gave people the impression the celebrity underneath the mask has a connection to The Greatest Showman movie. Even though Michelle Williams, the singer, didn’t appear in the movie, the actor of the same name did, which is why a song from the soundtrack played. Williams also released her own single in 2008 titled The Greatest.

The reason for having XLVII written on the back of their attire is because Williams performed alongside Destiny’s Child at the 47th (XLVII) Superbowl halftime show. The reference to “jump” and “bounce” are because of the lyrics in Destiny’s Child hit song Jumpin’ Jumpin’.

Williams was also born in Rockford, Illinois, therefore, that could be why they potentially chose to be Rockhopper.

“I’ve never worked out the #MaskedSinger so quick in my life but I would bet everything that Rockhopper is Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child,” one user tweeted.

A Twitter comment about Rockhopper on The Masked Singer
Pic credit: @Ericaaaww/Twitter

“Think Rockhopper is Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child. XLVII on her back and that Super Bowl’s halftime show had Beyoncé featuring Destiny’s Child. She’s been on Broadway and the West End and is also very leggy #MaskedSingerUK,” another person shared.

A Twitter comment about Rockhopper on The Masked Singer
Pic credit: @DINE0saur/Twitter

“Good Evening, I’m here to say Rockhopper is Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child, I’ve added up the clues and that’s the answer. #MaskedSingerUK,” a third user wrote on Twitter.

A Twitter comment about Rockhopper on The Masked Singer
Pic credit: @iambri_97/Twitter

Even though Williams took part in the second season of the US version of The Masked Singer, that doesn’t mean they can’t participate on the UK’s show as both LaToya Jackson and Mel B have been contestants on two different versions.

Rockhopper currently remains in the competition, therefore, it’s only a matter of time until we find out if Williams really is underneath the mask. Two other contestants viewers think they’ve already figured out are Panda and Firework.

The Masked Singer UK airs Saturday on ITV at 7 pm.

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