Famously Single season finale: TMI as Aubrey reveals Pauly D’s PENIS piercing

Aubrey grins moments after revealing Pauly D’s penis piercing on Famously Single tonight

If ever there was a definition of TMI — tonight’s Famously Single season finale is it, as Aubrey O’Day reveals intimate details about Pauly D’s PENIS piercing.

The moment  comes as Aubrey enjoys some drinks and something to eat with the ladies, and arrive positively beaming — with a grin from ear to ear.

She can’t wait to tell the ladies what’s making her so cheery, and even has talking about Pauly pencilled in to the conversation before she gets there, saying: “Because that’s what bitches do on girl’s night!”

And it doesn’t take long before she invites the others to ask how she’s feeling, replying as she rests her head on her hand in a soppy I’m-in-love kind of way: “I’m happy.”

It emerges that Pauly D sent her a “really sweet text” (cue awwww moment), saying: “It’s the first day that Pauly’s really…he’s getting it.”

But she doesn’t stop there, quickly revealing: “We’ve been having really good sex.”

But it’s only been one day and the other girls evidently want to know more, so Aubrey confirms: “We’ve had a good amount of sex in the past day.”

And she can’t wait to get her next titbit of juicy information out there, dropping casually into the conversation again with: “He has his, um, penis pierced.”

This prompts bemusement all round with all sorts of strange sounds and expressions from the ladies as they react to the news that they really didn’t want to know.

Asked if she liked it, Aubrey is quick to nod incessantly, adding: “It triggers the right spots!”

Also on tonight’s Season 1 finale of Famously Single, we also see Pauly and Aubrey go on their first official date.

But things are not so great between Brandi Glanville and Calum best as the stars enjoy (or not) their final celebration party in the loft.

Watch the clip below as the pair have it out after Calum appears to try and hit on Brandi’s bestie.

Famously Single is on tonight at 10/9c on E!.

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