Famously Single: Aubrey wants to be ‘princess’ but Pauly D channels Donkey Kong

Aubrey and Pauly D have a heart-to-heart in front of Dr. Darcy Sterling on  tonight’s Famously Single

On Famously Single tonight, Aubrey O’Day freaks out Pauly D by trying to get him to commit — revealing she wants to be saved like “a princess” by someone who leaps through “dragons and fire” to get to her.

But Pauly D explains that princesses don’t get saved just like that, saying: “You can’t save the princess right away. Like Donkey Kong, you have to climb up the ladder to save the princess.

“The princess is always in the end. You can’t just save her right away.”

The long and the short of it is that Pauly D isn’t quite as ready to commit to something serious, and comes out with some insightful advice as he tries to explain himself.

He says: “You can’t put the windows in the house before you’ve put the frame in. I want to put the frame in then the windows come in second.”

Aubrey replies: “What exactly do you need from me to feel comfortable putting the windows in?”

Pauly D adds: “Time?”

The conversation starts out with Aubrey questioning why Paul D doesn’t want to “get a serious girlfriend and move into more serious places”.

He then acknowledges that he knows she doesn’t want to waste time, but adds: “Am I worth the time or not?”

He then tells her that her expectation of want to “be saved” is “a little unreasonable”.

Relationship expert Dr. Darcy Sterling tells the pair: “Honestly, you two sound like you’re at different points in your life. You need to figure out if you want this to work or not.”

And she tells Aubrey: “That expectation? Everybody would be a little freaked out by it. Because it’s a lot of pressure I think.”

Pauly D says: “It’s not a question of if I want to save you or if I’m hesitating if I want to be with you. I do.”

Watch the preview clip for Famously Single Season 1 Episode 7 below.

Later on in the episode, the pair have another fight and Dr. Darcy has to get them in front of her again to talk about what the future really holds for them.

But is the fact Pauly D doesn’t speak his feelings mean he risks losing Aubrey?

Also Brandi Glanville and Calum Best go on a romantic hike in the hills and clear up what exactly they have going between them.

Famously Single airs Tuesdays at 10pm on E!.

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