Expedition Unknown, Expedition X and After The Hunt with Josh Gates: When are the Discovery series back in 2020?

Discovery star Josh Gates has a world wide reach few TV people have, and he is coming back soon! Pic credit: Discovery.
Has history got the D-Day invasion facts wrong? Gates and an expert unearth a hidden German bunker off Maisy Beach, inland from Pointe du Hoc. Pic credit: Discovery

It’s a new decade and a new year for Discovery star Josh Gates. the network’s intrepid show host who takes us on faraway trips and explores places most of us will never see in our lifetimes.

The addictive show is equal parts informative and entertaining and is an exhilarating look at cultures and people all over, and often unravels mysteries that perplexed many generations.

Think of Josh Gates as Discovery’s own Indiana Jones. He even has swagger and a cool hat, just like the famous fictional cinematic explorer.

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Wednesday is his night on Discovery Channel, as the show returns Feb. 5, 2020. There is more!

The full night of exploration will see more programming with Josh to accompany Expedition Unknown,  taking us all on a wild ride on every continent.

This season, Josh Gates teams up with scientist Phil Torres and Jessica Chabot to investigate some of the world’s odd and strange mysteries in the brand-new series Expedition X. The brand-new season begins Feb. 12.

Following the investigations, Josh digs in deeper on Expedition Unknown: After The Hunt.

According to Discovery:

“Josh Gates has spent his career traversing the globe investigating history’s greatest legends and mysteries. Now, he faces his most daring expeditions yet, from searching for the only large U.S. commercial airliner to vanish off the face of the earth to a quest across Africa to unearth the many missing links between modern man and our earliest ancestors.”

What to expect is a two-hour season premiere, as Gates travels to the D-Day battlefields and the beaches of Normandy. There, he joins investigators who are rewriting some of the histories of what is known as the Longest Day.

Josh has military historians and cutting edge technology at his disposal as he shares game-changing secrets about the invasion, including a newly revealed Nazi bunker as well as an unexploded bomb found off Normandy’s coast.

Always thorough, Josh’s investigation reveals forgotten mysteries surrounding the historical battle considered the most important of the last century.

Discovery Channel teased the new season, saying:

“Throughout the season, Gates takes viewers on thrilling global adventures including a trek across the U.K. in the footsteps of a Celtic warrior queen and a journey to the islands of the Seychelles to decipher a cryptic code that may lead to lost pirate treasure. Finally, in a two-part season finale, Josh will sail in to the enigma that is the Bermuda Triangle on a dangerous voyage of discovery.”

Make sure to tune and check with Monsters & Critics tomorrow for two exciting exclusives for Gates return!


Expedition Unknown preview


Bonus extras: In addition to watching the series on Discovery, viewers can check out new episodes each week by downloading the Discovery GO app.

Viewers can join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #ExpeditionUnknown. Host Josh Gates can be found on Facebook: @joshgatesofficial, Twitter: @joshuagates, and Instagram: @gatesygram.

Expedition Unknown airs Wednesdays (premiering on Feb. 5, 2020) only on Discovery.

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3 years ago

The fact that you continually touch historical and other items that you find without gloves on is both unacceptable and stupid And shows no true respect for what you’re doing

3 years ago

The fact that you continually touch things without gloves on shows this respect for what you’re doing and is both unacceptable and stupid

1 year ago

he’s not a star and facebook sucks