Exclusive: Love After Lockup stars Glorietta and Lizzy talk about reality TV fame, filming and regret

Glorietta and Lizzy from Love After Lockup.
Glorietta and Lizzy talk Love After Lockup. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup is in the thick of the drama with the couples. Glorietta and Alex have been featured a lot lately as she plans their wedding and they get to know one another outside of prison walls. Lizzy and Daniel dodged a bullet with a negative pregnancy test and he is getting ready to give her a ring.

Monsters & Critics had a chance to talk to both Glorietta and Lizzy from Love After Lockup and ask them about their time on the show and to learn how it has changed their lives.

Monsters & Critics: How did you guys get cast on the show and did you watch the previous seasons of Love After Lockup?

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Glorietta: I did watch the previous seasons of Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup so I was aware of the show. I was really excited to get the opportunity to express my love because I am very extroverted and outgoing. It was right up my alley. I had a lot of fun.

Lizzy: I low key had no idea what Love After Lockup was until we actually started filming. Daniel actually received a letter from, I don’t know if it was from Sharp Entertainment or WEtv, about being on the show because he was being released in a few months. I didn’t have any prior knowledge but I was all for it, like let’s do it.

Monsters & Critics: How has being reality tv famous changed your lives?

Lizzy: My day to day life isn’t different at all. I work at a gas station convenience store and people are like “oh, hey you look familiar” and I have no idea who they are. They are like “you’re Lizzy from Love After Lockup, can I take a selfie?.” So I guess now I have to be more photogenic because I don’t like taking photos.

Glorietta: I would say it’s changed my life in a variety of ways. As Lizzy said, being recognized by strangers at places like the grocery store. For example, last night I went and did a tour here in New York. The guide of the tour bus recognized me and he totally fanned out. I totally appreciate that and I took a picture with him and him and his wife are great fans of the show. That’s exciting for me to experience the fans. It has changed my life because I am now more aware of my surroundings.

Lizzy: I definitely don’t wear sweatpants in public anymore. Everyone is like “oh my gosh where’d you get your sweatpants from,” “oh my gosh, she’s wearing sweatpants.”

Monsters & Critics: How do you guys combat the negative and the positive of social media?

Lizzy: The only really negative social media I see is on Twitter. I mean, I have let out my anger on some of them because the things people say are really rude. I don’t agree with it because they don’t know me, they just know a version of me. It’s not fair to automatically assume that I am some horrible piece of s**t alcoholic. It’s not true.

I am such a loving and likable and when someone doesn’t like me I just want to have a chance to explain myself. When I do, it comes out harshly because I don’t put up with s**t and yeah. There’s that and Twitter always goes negative but everyone on Instagram is always super nice. They tell me I look good and that I’m beautiful. I just lost 15 pounds on Keto and so everyone on Twitter is calling me fat and everyone on Instagram is like “you look so great with your weight loss” and “I’m so proud of you.”

Glorietta: When I see negative comments whether it is Instagram or Twitter, I picture a game of dodge ball and your dodging right? So I just let it bounce off me and remain positive. Therefore, I have to remain optimistic when it comes to reading negative comments. They can go either way, right? With that being said, I do not lose any sleep over these negative comments, or I try my best. It’s one of those things where everyone is entitled to their opinion and I welcome it all.

Monsters & Critics: Knowing what you guys know now, would you do the show all over again?

Lizzy: I would. Well, knowing how things turned out if I had the chance to go back and react differently to certain things or expose other things, you know having the chance to lay it all out there, I would. It is definitely an experience of a lifetime and I’m not one-hundred percent happy with how everything was filmed and laid out. If I could go back and redo it, I would.

Glorietta: I agree with Lizzy, I would definitely do the show again. I think it’s great and there’s such a big fan base. It’s a great thing and I would do it all over again.

Monsters & Critics: Do either of you have any regrets?

Lizzy: I don’t personally regret anything in my life because there was one time that was what I wanted. I learned from my mistakes and I learned from my experiences. If you regret the things in your life then you’re not living.

Glorietta: Well, I personally have one. That regret is I made a comment about the Muslim religion. It came out in a way that I think many people didn’t understand and that was not my intention and for that, I do apologize. I didn’t mean to come off that way but in the heat of the moment, you know after a few drinks and you’re talking about a serious issue about your future children.

I really just want to apologize because those were not my intentions and its just really unfair sometimes not being able to speak and reveal that was not my intention. That is probably my only regret.

Love After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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