Exclusive: Mind-blowing Hawaiian treehouse on Animal Planet’s new season of Treehouse Masters

On tonight’s premiere of the new season of Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters, Pete Nelson will be celebrating their 100th build in Hawaii — as he builds and upgrades an epic treehouse on Kauai.

Tonight we will also look back at Pete and the team who have designed and fulfilled the dreams for so many happy clients whose desire to have unique sky-high custom treehouses be taken to the next level of eye-popping amazing.

Pete is a master at this wish fulfillment. His treehouses are almost classified as mini homes or tiny houses and can function as such for many people.  In his wide swath of clients that he works with, Pete will also be doing a major build for football star, Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But the really special moment shown in our exclusive clip is when we go to the balmy Pacific islands which beckon the Nelson team.

The jam-packed two-hour season premiere of Treehouse Masters has Pete and the NTS crew head to the island of Kauai to build a treehouse for a couple who moved to the volcanic paradise for a more “laid” back life.

Pete will also take a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii to visit an old friend and fellow treehouse builder who shows him how he uses locally sourced materials to build an enormous treehouse that has been on Pete’s bucket list to see finally, and tonight he will! We check out the Hawaiian Sky-Wave treehouse for his pals Steve and Tracey.

A detour is taken in the island of Kauai over in a Hanalei Bay. We meet a couple who ditched the good ole USA for the laid-back lifestyle only the Hawaii could offer them.

Pete has discovered there is a small treehouse in need and pops in for a surprise visit. Enter the former pro surfers, Aamion and Daize, who give Pete a tour of their treehouse that is presenting a challenge.

Armed with a long wish list, Aamion tells Pete about all the improvements that he wants to do to upgrade his treehouse.

Pete Nelson, Aamion and Daize
Pete is as gleeful as can be when Aamion and Daize see their new and improved treehouse

Always up for a challenge, Pete’s wheels immediately get turning and he comes up with an idea to help achieve that goal to renovate. He even creatively uses driftwood the couple have collected and have laying about in the yard.

Not to mention we get to see the cool reveal moment when the couple is brought to view the finished remodeled treehouse. Nelson leads them to just the right spot to view their off the hook amazing new and improved above-ground hang out spot.

The surprise for Aamion and Daize awaits even further as Pete pulls out all the stops and has built a crow’s nest that is perched a mind-blowing sixty feet off the ground. He also fashioned a special spot for their prized surfboards.

There is nothing like this anywhere in Kauai and their upgraded treehouse may just start a treehouse one-upmanship building war.  Make sure to tune in tonight on Animal Planet and get your imagination going for your own special treehouse build.

Treehouse Masters airs Fridays (premiering August 17) at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Animal Planet.

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