Exclusive clip: Tony Beets’ dredge dismantling goes well on Gold Rush, still swears

Tony Beets on Gold Rush
Tony Beets watches, during a break from swearing, as his second dredge is dismantled

Expletive-spouting Tony Beets has got a big project on his hands this week as he starts dismantling his 70-year-old dredge.

As Gold Rush winds down, the luck of the Irish is with the Canadian Dutchman — whose subtitles on the show regularly have a high proportion of words starred out due to his flowery language.

Certainly, Beets is the most colorful of the lot, while Parker Schnabel and Todd Hoffman having more challenges in their accrual of gold.

Tonight, Tony’s got some “commotion” going on at Thistle Creek as he brings in the heavy equipment to take his second dredge apart after a 15-hour journey up the Yukon.

A crane brought in with a 47-ton loader on a hired barge starts off by lifting an 8ft x 16ft dumpster into place, to start clearing off the superficial structure so he can get to the important parts.

The crane, manned by Gene Cheeseman, is vital to this whole exercise as it has the big power needed to get the demolition done.

Watching the old corrugated tin pile up in the dumpster, Kevin Beets says: “It’ll be nice when we get this s**t outta here.”

Tony Beets says: “Wow, I’m excited, yes siree! Now the crane is there, the loader is there, now we’re gonna see some commotion at Thistle Creek.”

Things go well, and Beets still swears like a sailor.

He says: “I mean if the whole thing comes apart like this, now that’d be a piece of cake now, wouldn’t it?

“But there’s lots to be f*****g done. There’s gonna be a lot of f*****g loads huh? That’s gonna take us quite a f*****g time barging this s**t.”

He is literally complaining while the work is going smoothly and according to plan…

Catch Gold Rush Fridays 9p on Discovery.

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