Exclusive: Animal Planet’s Scaled sees a custom snake pagoda built inside a serpent tattoo shop

Pets come in all shapes and sizes. And for Serpent Tattoo shop owners Sean and Amanda, their babies aren’t fur, but they are of the scales and slithery type.

On Friday’s Scaled on Animal Planet, Greg and Chris visit their new tattoo and snake loving clients Sean and Amanda, co-owners of Serpent Tattoo.

These two love their snakes like their own children and have no idea what is in store for them when they are brought to their shop to see the changes made by Greg West and his team.

(From left to right) – Tyrone (reptile expert), Chris (Project Manager), Greg (Shop owner), (clients) Amanda and Sean
Amanda and Sean are stunned at their new pagoda enclosure while Greg, Tyrone, and Chris soak it all in — Pic credit: Animal Planet

Described as “workaholics,” snake and tattoo loving Sean and Amanda want their two albino boa constrictors at the workplace with them, as both company and an attraction for like-minded serpent lovers.

One of Sean and Amanda's "babies"
One of Sean and Amanda’s ‘babies’ — Pic credit: Animal Planet

The job tasked to Greg was to build two Samurai-themed. “pagoda-styled” enclosures at the tattoo shop where they’re sure to get lots of notice.

But with any custom build or remodel, time is the enemy.

The countdown is on as there are only five days until the grand re-opening of the tattoo parlor.  Greg must keep the team focused on the final reveal day and has agreed to get his very first tattoo if they complete the project on the day promised.

There’s more! Sweetening the deal and getting the guys to be pumped about the build, Greg allows them to pick the design. Whatever they want, from “Mom” to a gnarly dragon, who knows what they will settle on.

In the exclusive clip from Animal Planet, you see that their efforts are totally appreciated by Sean and Amanda.

This is all part of Cornel’s World, where a boisterous bunch of reptile lovers and craftsmen bring Animal Planet’s audiences up close to these reptiles as they work together with owners to think beyond pedestrian pet terrariums.

They transform the pet habitat into a wild paradise, by building custom-made masterpieces that fit the pet and the owner and cater to their reptile’s personality.

The crew is led by shop owner Greg West and his wife and creative designer, Elaine.

Their passion is to create an otherworldly terrarium that shows off these incredible reptiles. You will witness the most beautiful tailor-made enclosures making the snake pit a point of interest and beauty within a home or business.

Animal Planet promises that each week “viewers follow the crew of master builders, habitat designers, self-proclaimed reptile nerds and their 3-legged bearded dragon and shop mascot, Kevin, as they dive into the needs and behaviors of reptiles to design one-of-a-kind terrariums that promote their well-being and bring their multifaceted personalities to life through stunning visual and behavioral elements.”

The network adds that Greg and his crew will conduct “lively ‘meet and geek-out’ consultation sessions with clients.”

From habitat to design and recreating a more natural environment,  Greg wants to keep the pet happy with custom water misters and drainage tubes to special retile hides and the right vegetation.

Scaled airs Fridays at 9 PM ET/PT on Animal Planet.

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