Emily Fernandez served ‘cease and desist’ letter as Little Women: Dallas returns

Little Women: Dallas’s Emily Fernandez and, right, as she gets served

Little Women: Dallas returned for a new season on Lifetime this week — featuring the bombshell of Emily Fernandez getting served a ‘cease and desist’ letter by co-star Asta Young.

Footage shows Emily answering the door and being handed a folder. A man asks: “Emily Fernandez?” to which she says: “Yeah”.

He then replies as he hands her the papers: “You’ve been served”.

The incident comes after tensions rise at Asta’s birthday party, and after Emily decides to open a mini-bar — without Asta and her husband Ty.

Emily — known as Right Cheek to co-star Bri Barlup’s Left Cheek — moved to Dallas from Little Women: Atlanta at the start of last season to be with her family following the loss of her son JJ.

Also this season, there’s lots of tears — and while Caylea Woodbury is left stunned by the results of a pregnancy test, Tiffani Chance gets proposed to.

Amanda Loy is also featured taking part in a bodybuilding competition.

In the premiere episode, Bri Barlup also mounts the pressure on Wooda to say explicitly where they stand with each other. They’ve been friends with benefits in the past.

Little Women: Dallas airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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