Drama on Deal or No Deal Island has Aron Barbell fighting internet trolls

Aron Barbell on Deal or No Deal Island
Aron Barbell is taking a break from social media after some nasty comments over his anxiety attack. Pic credit: NBC

The latest Deal or No Deal Island episode could have been titled Snakes Will Always Be Snakes instead of Are You Decisive.

The game’s premise pits people against each other, and even those in alliances or friendships may be forced to backstab each other.

One of the contestants, Aron Barbell, found the latest segment facing the banker in the temple too much for his emotions.

After an exciting challenge in which they all took to paddleboards to find their suitcases full of money, the intensity ramped up during an argument over who would face going home.

Dr. Stephanie Mitchell and Alyssa Klinzing had a long argument, with Alyssa dragging Aron into it and asking him not to help Stephanie. Stephanie called Alyssa a “snake and a liar.”

Ultimately, Alyssa was sent home, and Aron did not take it well, causing the host, Joe Manganiello, to ask if he would vomit.

Aron Barbell announces he is taking a break this week

Aron took Alyssa’s elimination hard and started to cry, announcing he was having an anxiety attack. He stood up after she left and said, “I will avenge you.”

Aron could not handle the aftermath and, amid tears, said, “Can we just let it go?” He then said, “Guys, I can’t; it’s too much anxiety…panic attack!”

He said, “I don’t know if I can do this show anymore!”

Deal or No Deal Island fans were incredibly tough on the reality show newcomer and called him names for crying on television.

One fan said, “No way this crybaby Aron walked cus Alyssa got the boot.”

A fan of Deal or No Deal Island blasts Aron Barbell for crying
Pic credit: dealornodealtv/Instagram

Another fan said, “A tissue is more tough then aaron [sic].”

A Deal or No Deal Island fan drags Aron Barbell on Instagram
Pic credit: dealornodealtv/Instagram

Aron, an accountant who is not used to the intense scrutiny reality television show contestants face, could not handle the rough comments.

He posted on Instagram that he is “taking a break from social media for the next week.” He called the internet trolls “morons” and explained they needed to “be better.” It is 2024, after all.

Aron Barbell is upset after mean comments about his anxiety attack on Deal or No Deal Island
Aron Barbell posts on Instagram how he feels after his anxiety attack. Pic credit: @dontcallmeayayron/Instagram

Aron continues to root for Alyssa, not knowing she betrayed him

Aron could have helped Stephanie, but Alyssa told him not to help her even though the inaction did not ultimately save Alyssa from elimination.

Aron continued to side with Alyssa even though she lied to Rob Mariano about him, telling him that Aron’s allegiance to them may have changed.

Rob may clue Aron in on the scam since he has taken the young accountant under his wing in the game.

Hopefully, next week, Aron will find out that Alyssa was right to get sent home since she was not loyal to him.

Deal or No Deal Island airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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Lavonda Gail Herald
Lavonda Gail Herald
1 month ago

Alyssa lied to Rob about Aron. I think it better for his game if he doesn’t let his emotion get the better of him and that Alyssa is gone.