Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet – Teddy gets neutered, husband Ken feels queasy

Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet
Tonight on Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet Teddy gets neutered

On tonight’s episode of Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet the down to earth veterinarian takes her husband and heads nearly 200 miles north to the isolated town of Aleknagik.

Despite having a population of just 107, the town still has its share of animals in need of Dee’s valuable skills.

This time most of them are routine with nail trimming and injections but one young dog called Teddy is getting neutered.

Dee gets on with it with ruthless efficiency as the concerned owner watches, but husband Ken is empathising with a fellow male and say he feels a bit queasy as Dee injectes the dog’s testicles.

Aleknagik is very remote, but absolutely stunning. Image: Alex Smith

Interestingly Megan, Teddy’s owner, tells Dee that her tradition does not allow for people to mourn the loss of an animal, but says she can’t help feeling emotional after Teddy’s snip.

The series follows Dee Thornell’s adventures as a vet in Alaska.

Catch Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet on Animal Planet Saturdays 8/7C.

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