Chihuahua and calf in trouble on Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet

Tonight on Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet – a chihuahua is in trouble, a newly born calf is very ill and a macaw needs its beak trimmed back. Dr. Dee and husband Ken also add to their large collection of animal with seven fainting goats! These goats are also known as myotonic goats and don’t actually faint


Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet – Teddy gets neutered, husband Ken feels queasy

On tonight’s episode of Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet the down to earth veterinarian takes her husband and heads nearly 200 miles north to the isolated town of Aleknagik. Despite having a population of just 107, the town still has its share of animals in need of Dee’s valuable skills. This time most of them are routine with nail