Does Chimney die on 9-1-1? Is Kenneth Choi leaving the show?

Kenneth Choi as Chimney on 9-1-1
Chimney was stabbed as he walked up to Maddie’s door on 9-1-1. Pic credit: FOX

Kenneth Choi is back in harm’s way as Chimney on 9-1-1. This is the second time he has been put in a life or death situation, but will he come out unscathed like last time?

With Maddie’s (Jennifer Love Hewitt) violent husband in town, everything is messed up. Doug (who introduced himself to Chim as Jason Bailey) has found out where his wife is, and he is coming to claim what he believes is his.

Is Chimney going to die?

As he lays bleeding from a stab wound, 9-1-1 viewers can’t help but wonder if he will die this time around. He already survived being impaled through his forehead in Season 1 — how much more can he take?

As Doug (Brian Hallisay) sets his sights on Maddie, Chimney makes it difficult for him to go unnoticed. While he is laying with blood gushing out of him, the woman he is falling for is taken captive once again.

Is Kenneth Choi leaving 9-1-1?

Right now, it looks like Kenneth Choi will be sticking around 9-1-1. There have been no exits announced yet, though that doesn’t mean one won’t come. According to TVLine, viewers won’t know about Chimney’s fate right away.

There will be a few episodes between the stabbing and the resolution. Will 9-1-1 surprise fans and kill off Chimney? With the shock value of the show, anything is possible!

9-1-1 airs Monday nights at 9/8c on FOX.

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