Disney Plus app details: Android, iOS for iPhone, Xbox One, Fire TV, Samsung smart TV, and more

disney plus app available on november 12
The Disney Plus app is officially available for many popular devices. Pic credit: Disney+/YouTube

The Disney Plus app has officially launched on a number of platforms and that even includes Amazon’s Fire TV. After weeks of reports indicating the app may not be there for owners of the popular Amazon devices, it appears among the compatible devices on launch day.

Here are all of the latest Disney Plus app details for Android, iOS for iPhone, Xbox One, smart TVs and other compatible devices with links.

Where to get the Disney Plus app

To use the new streaming service will require a few things. You’ll need to sign up for the service (available here), and then download the free Disney Plus app on a compatible device. Here’s how to go about finding it on the various devices.

Amazon Fire TV devices: On the home screen for your device, go to the top menu’s search option which is a magnifying glass on the far right for most. Enter “Disney Plus” into the search field and it should appear as a blue square with “Disney+” in the search results. The app is also available at the Amazon website. Get the app here at Amazon.

Android mobile: Android mobile device owners will need to download and install the app from the Google Play Store. Search for “Disney+” in order to find it quickest. It may not come up as easily under a search for just “Disney.” Or head to the Google Play Store here to get the app.

Apple iOS for iPhone, iPad: On an Apple mobile device head into the Apps icon on your device. Go to the search option on the screen with the magnifying class. Search for “Disney Plus” in the field and the app should appear amongst the first several results. Visit the App Store link here for the app.

Apple TV: On the home screen, go to the search option which is a magnifying glass icon. Select it and enter “Disney” into the search field. On the results screen, you may need to scroll down to the Apps section and over slightly to choose the “Disney+” app.

PlayStation 4: Launch the PlayStation 4 and make sure you’re signed into a valid account to download apps and games. Scroll to the PlayStation Store tile on the PS4’s main screen. It is located on the far left side of most PS4 home screens.

official disney plus at the ps4 playstation store
The Disney Plus app is available at PlayStation Store. Pic credit: PS4 screencap

Once the Store is loaded, scroll up to the Search option up top and enter “Disney” and the “Disney+” app will appear on the right side to select. The download is relatively quick at just over 107 megabytes. Visit the PlayStation Store to get Disney Plus here.

Roku devices: For Roku devices, you’ll need a valid Roku account. On the Roku’s home screen, go to the Apps Channel Store. Search for “Disney” in the search area to bring up the results including the Disney+ app. You can also easily add the Disney Plus channel by visiting the Roku link here.

Samsung Smart TVs:  On a Samsung Smart TV, you’ll need to have a Samsung Account in order to get apps. Most Samsung Smart TVs that are 2015 and later will have an Apps selection on the main screen. Choose this option and then you can enter Disney or “Disney Plus” into the search field to bring the app up.

Xbox One: Start the Xbox One and make sure you’re signed into your valid account for downloading apps or games. On the right side of the dashboard go to the Store tab.

Once the Store loads, you can enter a search into the Search bar on the screen. Enter Disney or Disney Plus in order to find the app to install. It may ask you to confirm a transaction to buy the app, but it is free to download. You can also get the app here at Microsoft Store.

The Disney Plus service is free for a week to all subscribers and then will cost $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year. See our Disney Plus details for more information on that and the free Verizon deal.

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