Did Molly’s partner Luis just reveal he’s already MARRIED on 90 Day Fiance?

Luis on 90 Day Fiance
Luis talking about his arrival in America on this week’s 90 Day Fiance

Is Molly Hopkins’ partner Luis already married on 90 Day Fiance? It may just be us, but it looks like he almost says he left his WIFE behind in the Dominican Republic on this week’s 90 Day Fiance.

The moment comes after Molly and her daughters meet him at the airport, with her eldest, 17-year-old Olivia, none too happy at his arrival.

In an interview with the 90 Day Fiance crew just after he flies in he says, referring to Molly as his “wife”: “I’m happy because I am with my wife, my beautiful wife, my beautiful chubby girl.

“I am also nervous too, I’m also sad because I have to leave my w…” Before finishing his sentence, he appears to catch himself before saying “family” instead of whatever it was he was first going to say.

Molly met Luis while on vacation in the Dominican Republic, where he was working in a bar. He flies to the U.S. on the show using a 90-day K-1 visa where he either has to marry Molly within 90 days or return to the country.

If he was already married in the Dominican Republic, marrying Molly in the U.S. would be illegal.

Molly’s father is against Luis coming to America as he thinks he just wants a green card, but her mom has been more accepting.

When Luis arrives at the airport, Molly’s six-year-old daughter Kensley gives him a warm welcome by saying “hola!”, but Olivia’s reception is altogether more cool.

Standing away from him and Molly after he arrives, she repeatedly fidgets with her hands and looks uncomfortably elsewhere. She then admits she doesn’t want him to be there, and is angry at her mom because of her past history with men.

She says: “This is not normal by any means, but I’m also kind of annoyed because I know this is not the first time this has happened.

“She is like, ‘oh, I really like this guy, so just so you know’…and I’m like ‘alright’. But I hope that he’s really good to my mom even though I don’t want him here, as she does deserve that.”

Watch the clip below — do you think Luis almost says “wife” instead of “family”? Could he actually be married already back in the Dominican Republic?

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 9/8c on TLC.

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