Did Ana Navarro confess to ignoring Sara Haines texts?

Ana Navarro of The View
Ana Navarro claims she’s a great ghoster. Pic credit: ABC

Today on The View, Joy Behar was moderator for Whoopi Goldberg a third time.

Everyone is waiting to see Whoopi return on Monday. She has been off to Italy as part of a special project.

Meanwhile, as part of her duties, Joy introduced a letter to advice columnist Carolyn Hax, who writes for The Washington Post.

The subject of the recently published column tried to answer a question asked by a reader, “Why do my friends ghost me?

The letter writer, Confused, asks Carolyn why she cannot keep being a part of a group of friends.

She repeatedly finds herself excluded from the group, or in other words, “ghosted.”

Ghosting is when someone abruptly ends a relationship or conversation with someone without any explanation. No communication at all happens when you are ghosted.

The ladies of The View all have differing reactions

Joy Behar, ever the comic, joked about the subject of being ghosted by friends. “Maybe you’re annoying,” Joy quipped.

Sunny Hostin didn’t joke at all. Instead, she was saddened for the lady.

The strongest reaction came from Ana Navarro, who calls herself an expert at leaving friendships.

“I’m like an expert ghoster. When people start getting too clingy, I need to ghost them,” Ana declared.

In a conversation with a fictional friend, Ana went on to describe questions asked of her she considers too much. “Are you mad at me? Why aren’t you answering me? Are you ok?”

This confused the already sad Sunny, who asked Ana incredulously, “Really? You don’t want to teach?”

“We are done!” was Ana’s answer. All Sunny could do was shake her head at the audacity of Ana.

Did Ana admit to ghosting Sara?

Just before this exchange with Sunny, Ana did something telling. She turned to Sara Haines and snidely said, “It’s been a while since I answered one of your texts!”

It sounded like Ana slyly told Sara this was a “ghosted” experience. While Sara seemed to laugh this off today, she has been having difficulty on The View lately.

Sara has been censored for calling former President Donald Trump a jerk-off, and another time, her use of curse words had her muted on the air.

But as Joy Behar pointed out the other day, Sara is no stranger to therapy.

It could be that today’s slight by Ana will be brought up during a session, and Sara will learn how to handle being “ghosted.”

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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