Deal or No Deal Island fans threaten to riot over Boston Rob

Boston Rob on Deal or No Deal Island
Boston Rob Mariano’s fans are threatening to riot. Pic credit: NBC

The number of Deal or No Deal Island contestants is dwindling, as one more was sent home during this week’s episode.

In Season 1, episode 10, it looked like newly found friends, Boston Rob Mariano and Aron Barbell, would be pitted against each other.

Boston Rob Mariano, the fan favorite across the board, has been posting on social media hints that he may be the one to leave the show.

Last week, NBC shared a reel of “iconic” moments from Rob on Deal or No Deal Island, and fans were sure it meant Rob’s time on the Island was up.

Now, a new photo Rob posted on Instagram has fans wondering if this is the episode that will divide the friendship between Aron and Rob.

Rob captioned it, “It’s almost Go time!… Trust me, you do not want to miss this episode!!!” causing fans to worry about what Rob meant by saying you do not want to miss it.

Fans threaten to ‘riot’ if Rob is a goner

Fans of Deal or No Deal Island have been saying the same thing since episode 1 of the game: They are only tuning in to see Boston Rob. He has been on every reality show worth watching.

When Rob shared his latest post, fans went wild about him being eliminated from the Island, showing they do not want it to happen.

One fan said, “Boston Rob goes to final five or we riot.”

Another fan said, “Great episode, and I can’t believe Aron took Stephanie at her word.”

Then one fan said what everyone was thinking, “Rob IS the show. The only reason we watch!”

Fans of Boston Rob share that they will riot if he leaves.
Pic credit: @bostonrobmariano/Instagram

Boston Rob is a mastermind at Deal or No Deal Island

Deal or No Deal Island shared a FaceTime call between Rob and Aron, and something that Rob says shows how crafty his gameplay is during these shows.

He told Aron, “I might have taught you everything you know, but I didn’t teach you everything I know.”

That is a brilliant glimpse into his mind. He knows that he needs to stay in the bottom two each week but not be the one who chooses to make a deal or go home.

From day one of the game, Rob starts a friendship with Aron that becomes real life after the reality show game.

Although Aron is a great numbers person, he is not great at physical challenges, and Rob capitalized on that early on while taking Aron under his wing.

It may help him to win the entire game and go home with a massive suitcase of cash.

Deal or No Deal Island airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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Joe Oleszkowicz
Joe Oleszkowicz
1 month ago

Rob needs to go he is the reason I stopped watching it he is a overrated player he thinks he knows what he is doing..

Kristen Cone
Kristen Cone
1 month ago

Rob is the best player! I hope he wins because he has fought to stay with just an alliance of 2 with Allison on the periphery when she was on the island. The others had an alliance against Rob/Aron. It was David (Rob/Aron) against Goliath (all the other players).