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Deadliest Catch exclusive: Sig Hansen gets some payback after being pranked

On tonight’s Deadliest Catch on Discovery, Northwestern captain Sig Hansen gets some payback after son-in-law Clark Pederson pranked him.

Sig is not one to forget such a familial sleight no matter how funny it was, so it’s time for the feisty Norwegian-American fisherman to extract some prank karma.

The long arm of Captain Sig will deliver some cold justice to Clark. After telling us what his intentions are exactly, he adds: “Don’t mess with daddy!”

Sig Hansen
Sig is cooking up a scheme to get back at Clark

On our exclusive clip, we see the crew led by Sig’s brother Edgar all help him cook up a prank for his son-in-law, greenhorn Clark — who wed Sig’s daughter Mandy Hansen last season.

The plan? Sig has his sights on Clark’s precious deck boots.

The temperatures on the open deck can dip well below zero degrees and the unforgiving wet and cold demands your feet and lower legs are protected by sturdy rubber and steel toe boots.

Ideally, they are usually waiting on the crew nice and dry inside of their lockers. But not Clark’s!

Sig had the crew retrieve Clark’s tall boots only to take us into the galley and watch as he fills each boot up with water and then has them put in the freezer.

How does Clark get his boots free of ice? He has to use a sledgehammer after realizing he’s also become the victim of a practical joke!

Clark has to use a sledgehammer to get his boots free of ice

The prank that caused Sig to run after Clark last week was instigated by — who else — Sig’s troublemaker brother Edgar, who helped him concoct a tall tale about Sig’s daughter Mandy.

Last week, Clark went into the captain’s deck room and told Sig has no idea how to handle a pending pregnancy, telling him: “I just got a text message, Mandy’s pregnant!”

Needless to say, once Sig found out he’d had his leg properly pulled, he tore after and went for Clark who ran away as fast as he could, for the crime of what narrator Mike Rowe graciously described as “poking the bear”.

Fans saw Sig go ballistic before chasing Clark right out of his captain’s cabin room — throwing a shoe or something within reach at him as he made a break for it before shouting: “Are you serious?! Oh my god, oh my god!”

Considering Sig has had a heart attack and has heart issues, scaring him that way was a bit of a gamble.

It came after we saw the entire Northwestern crew in great spirits a few weeks back, as Sig’s chance-filled prospecting idea in waters further north from the rest of the fleet paid off. Sig took off in a bid to find a honey hole that no one else knew about.

The crew hauled in live crab like crazy and Sig was elated. He said: “I’m so excited, we took a few hours off. Instead of jogging — which means we’re just going idle into it [the Bering Sea] — we ran up north above our gear… and we have a spot checker that we set up here.”

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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