Dark Desire Season 2 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out on Netflix?

alma on dark desire
Maite Perroni as Alma Solares in Dark Desire. Pic credit: Netflix

Oscuro Deseo, better known as Dark Desire in English, is the steamy Mexican erotic thriller series that arrived on Netflix in mid-July.

With the conclusion of Season 1 after 18 episodes, viewers who enjoyed the intrigue, drama, and mystery the series offered are wondering if a second season will happen.

It’s already been popular on the streaming giant as it ranks amongst their top shows right now.

Here’s everything we know about Dark Desire Season 2 and when it might arrive on Netflix.

This article provides everything that is known about Dark Desire Season 2 and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s dig down into what is known so far.

Is there going to be a Season 2 of Dark Desire?

The way Dark Desire’s first season ended gave it a cliffhanger that certainly sets up another season.

Not only that, but the series ranked amongst Netflix’s top five shows for several days after being released, showing it has enough popularity that viewers would be on board for more.

According to Newsweek, Netflix revealed this past March that they were launching 14 original series from Mexico, including Oscuro Deseo/Dark Desire. It showed their interest in bringing Mexican content to the streaming platform for viewers, which may bode well for the future of Dark Desire.

That said, there has yet to be any official confirmation of a Dark Desire Season 2. Typically, Netflix announces they’ve renewed a series within a few months after releasing a season. So an announcement could happen in the coming weeks or months.

Release date latest: When is Dark Desire Season 2 likely to come out?

With only one season of Dark Desire so far and no confirmation, there’s not much to go on as far as the second season.

Should the series be renewed for Season 2, it would also likely be on hold. That’s due to the fact many Netflix shows had to postpone production due to the coronavirus pandemic.

If they keep it similar to how the first season was released, they could potentially have it out for July 2021, or around that timeframe. Newsweek speculated it could happen a bit later, coming in fall of 2021, most likely due to the way productions are on hold.

In May, Narcos: Mexico cast member Bad Bunny told Rolling Stone that Season 3 of that show was suspended due to the pandemic. That popular Netflix series is filmed in Mexico, which was the case with Dark Desire.

With no official confirmation for Dark Desire Season 2 right now, it’s merely speculation about the future of the series.

Dark Desire Season 2 cast updates

The series involved an illicit affair between the main character Alma Solares (Maite Perroni) and the mysterious man she meets, Dario Guerra (Alejandro Speitzer).

Other central characters were Alma’s husband Leonardo Solares, played by Jorge Poza and their daughter Zoe (Regina Pavon).

Alma’s friend Brenda Castillo (Maria Fernanda Yepes) and Leonardo’s pal Esteban (Erik Hayser) also played roles in the story.

Based on the first season spoilers below, several of these actors could resume their roles for another season. There’s always the possibility they could bring an actor back similar to how Dead to Me on Netflix did with one.

As of this report, there’s still no confirmation of a second season, so there’s no casting news just yet.

Dark Desire Season 2 spoilers

The 18 episodes of Season 1 took viewers on a steamy, dramatic thriller involving multiple relationships intertwined with a mysterious death.

Alma and her best friend Brenda take off for a girls’ getaway, where Alma meets an intriguing 23-year-old man named Dario that she hooks up with. She asks Brenda not to tell her husband Leonardo what went on, but he was preoccupied back home with a younger girl.

Dario ends up not only being a fling and romantic interest, but also a student in Alma’s law class she teaches.

In just the second episode, Alma’s friend Brenda is discovered dead in a bathtub with her wrists slit. It’s ruled as a suicide by the police, but the mystery begins into what really caused her death.

Viewers learn that Leonardo’s private investigator friend and brother Esteban was sleeping with Brenda. By the way, Leonardo was also sleeping with her.

However, Esteban really had a thing for Leonardo’s wife, Alma. So Esteban hired Dario to get involved with Alma and try to break up her marriage.

It ends up that Brenda took her life due to being in such a crazy love triangle. Esteban used it as a way to try to frame and get revenge on Leonardo, since he crippled him.

The conclusion of the season brought a cliffhanger for sure. Alma believes that Dario perished in a factory fire. However, viewers saw a scene in Brooklyn, New York, where Dario meets up with Esteban.

In a shocking line, Dario tells Esteban, “Now you work for me,” leaving viewers hanging in terms of what that means. There’s also the fact that Alma has separated from Leonardo, leaving her free to pursue other interests in a second season.

Dark Desire/Oscuro Deseo is currently streaming on Netflix with Season 2 TBA.

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