Cursed Season 2 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out on Netflix?

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Katherine Langford stars in Cursed on Netflix. Pic credit: Netflix

Cursed is a new fantasy series on Netflix that hit in July, a prequel to the King Arthur legend focusing on Nimue.

For those unfamiliar with the legends, Nimue is the legendary Lady of the Lake, the being who gave Arthur the Sword of Power to help him complete his destiny.

The first season of Cursed introduced the world to Nimue and sent her off on her own quest, where she found the sword and took her rightful place in the world.

Now, fans are wondering if there will be a Cursed Season 2, and here is what we know about this exciting new Netflix original series.

This article provides everything that is known about Cursed Season 2 and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s dig down into what is known so far.

Is there going to be a Season 2 of Cursed?

The bad news is that Netflix has not yet announced if there will be a Cursed Season 2. However, the fact that it just came out mere weeks ago means that there is likely to be a little more waiting before the news comes to fans.

While Netflix needs to look at viewing numbers and make a decision based on those, there is some promising news for fans who want to see more of Nimue and Cursed.

In an interview with Elle, actress Katherine Langford, who some fans might remember as Hannah Baker from the first season of 13 Reasons Why, said there is more story to tell for her character Nimue.

“I’m trying not to spoil anything, but I feel like this [season] is really just the tip of the iceberg,” Langford said. “There’s a lot of talk about the sword this season, and I feel like it would be interesting to see just how deep Nimue’s powers go and what kind of untapped power she has within.”

Her co-star Devon Terrell, who played Arthur, also hinted at a second season in an interview with RadioTimes, where he said, “I made him feel like he’s becoming a leader. And it’s the beginning of a really long journey.”

Release date latest: When is Cursed Season 2 likely to come out?

So, what is the timeline looking like if there is to be a second season of Cursed?

That is where the bad news comes in.

The world is still battling the coronavirus pandemic, and this is not something that looks to end soon. There is film production starting up again, but for something that isn’t even greenlit yet, this presents problems.

See, if the production resumes and then COVID-19 cases spike across the globe, this could cause another shutdown, and that would be catastrophic for a show on the bubble.

Netflix is likely to wait until they feel more secure when it comes to shows that are not yet complete success stories.

It might take longer to get greenlit, and then it needs to be shot, so there is little chance of getting Cursed Season 2 until late 2021 or possibly early 2022.

Cursed Season 2 cast updates

Clearly, if there is a second season of Cursed, Katherine Langford will be back as Nimue. This is her story.

Also returning will be Gustaf Skarsgard as Merlin and Shalom Brune-Franklin as Morgana. As mentioned, Devon Terrell will also likely be back as the mercenary, Arthur.

Daniel Sharman, who played The Weeping Monk of the Red Paladins, will also return, since it was shown in Cursed Season 1 that he was, in fact, Lancelot of the Round Table.

Also, one of the best characters in the first season will return in the Fey Pym, meaning Lily Newmark will be back for more if the show is renewed.

Cursed Season 2 spoilers

So, what can we expect from Cursed Season 2 when and if it arrives?

Cursed is based on a book, a standalone graphic novel by none other than Frank Miller (The Dark Knight, 300, Sin City) and Thomas Wheeler.

There is no sequel to the graphic novel, though, and the graphic novel itself came out in October 2019.

However, with that said, Netflix optioned the series before the book was even finished. The streaming giant had not seen an ending and only knew what they were told about where the story was headed.

Season 2 of Cursed left fans hanging, however, and it looks like the showrunners were hoping on, or planning on, a second season.

Nimue, the lead character, is bleeding and drowning in the lake at the end of the season. Surely, Netflix can’t leave the season like that for fans.

Will Morgana and Merlin save her? That is where Season 2 of Cursed will start back up again.

Netflix has yet to mention if Cursed will return to Season 2 on Netflix.

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Martin Cassel
Martin Cassel
3 years ago

They have got to bring the show back it is a great show when I watch all the series
on Netflix I consider them as books and each season is a book in itself I believe seeing the seasons as a book to me it’s better than reading. Please bring back Cursed.