Curb Your Enthusiasm HBO season 10 has Laverne Cox and Jon Hamm and we cannot wait

Jon Hamm is a guest star on Curb Your Enthusiasm with star Larry David (L). Pic credit: Screencap/HBO
Jon Hamm is a guest star on Curb Your Enthusiasm with star Larry David (L). Pic credit: Screencap/HBO

A favorite HBO comedy is back in early 2020.

Fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm dine on Larry David’s constant tact-free, bedside manner-less moves and idiosyncrasies galore.

His chemistry with comedian J.B. Smoove is legendary, and his arch-enemy, played by Susie Essman, is one on-screen anti-romance for the ages. He’s HBO’s secret comedy weapon, and the good news is he’s back this January.

Essman pays Susie Greene, David’s constantly annoyed moral compass, who is the foul-mouthed wife of his agent, Jeff (Jeff Garlin), who busts his cojones and yells at him more than any cast member of the ensemble.

Their mutual haterade is legendary with such lines as, well…they are not printable here, but you can watch this NSFW roundup of her best curse word laden zingers:


Season 10 of Curb Your Enthusiasm will return on January 19, 2020. And it is jammed with guest-starring celebrities such as Jon Hamm, Laverne Cox, Jane Krakowski, Fred Armisen, and Kaitlin Olson. Also, Richard Lewis is back playing himself.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is all about the overlooked things that happen in daily life that drive our Larry bonkers. The series is a riotous fictionalized snapshot of David’s charmed life and career in show business.

Much like The Larry Sanders Show, people on the series play themselves and interact with David, who is a self-made writer/producer who gets involved in issues and situations he should have avoided, but he feels compelled to insert himself. The result is cringe-y awkward comedy gold.

In the preview below, our besieged Larry is told pretty much to “get the f*** out” everywhere he goes.

Agent Jeff also tries to weasel into the “big Johnson club” in a hilarious moment with J.B. Smoove, a character named Leon, who moved in with Larry and pretty much took over his home.

The series regulars include Susie Essman, Jeff Garlin, and Larry’s on-screen ex-wife Cheryl Hines.

Recurring are Richard Lewis and J.B. Smoove. Sadly Bob Einstein, who portrayed Marty Funkhouser, died in January. His pickle jar hero argument with Larry is one for the memory books:

Check out the new trailer for Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10 below:

Curb Your Enthusiasm will return on January 19, 2020, Sunday on HBO.

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