Cormac Murphy and Dylan Curry: Who made the better first impression on Love Island USA?

Did Cormac Murphy or Dylan Curry make the best first impression on Love Island?
Love Island has two new guys Dylan Curry and Cormac Murphy. Who had the best first impression? Pic Credit: CBS/Colin Young-Wolff

Irish hottie Cormac Murphy and fitness trainer Dylan Curry spiced up Love Island USA on last night’s episode. The two men shook the villa to its core with their arrival on the island but did one of them make a better first impression?

Dylan and Cormac are completely opposite in looks and personality. The latter is more cocky, confident, and came in guns a blazing to meet the woman of his dreams, while the San Diego hunk was more chill. Dylan sat back, took things in, and definitely used his nice-guy demeanor to his advantage.

Since the two new additions are so different, all of the ladies had a specific opinion. Caro was immediately attracted to Cormac, but he is now the third guy she has grabbed onto in the past four days.

Alexandra was smitten with Dylan, which is a first for her. She and Michael are not vibing. Plus, she was extremely picky when it came to the initial coupling up. Therefore, her interest in Dylan says quite a lot.

Kyra was blah about both guys. She is sticking with Cashel. Alana only has eyes for Yamen, and she let Cormac know that immediately. Mallory was open to both men but was leaning more towards Dylan’s vibe. Although she is in couple with Weston, the two are more like friends right now.

Last but not least is Elizabeth, who the night before had a serious smooch session with her man Zac. The two were definitely feeling each other. She let Cormac and Dylan know Zac is the one for her at least for the moment.

In terms of interaction with the guys, Dylan came across more like he was into bro-ing out with the men. Cormac came across as ready to step on toes and squash love dreams.

Zac and Michael do not appear to be fans of Cormac because he is into Caro and Elizabeth. Michael was miffed Caro went after the Irish stud one day after flirting with him. That is not Cormac’s fault, though.

Ahead of tonight’s episode, it would appear Dylan Curry has made the better first impression. His chill vibe seems perfect for the villa. It could also make him an easy target for newcomers to still his lady. You know once he chooses Alexandra.

Cormac Murphy came in a little too strong and confident. He has ruffled some feathers. However, his confidence could be an asset as more cast members arrive in Fiji. Should Cormac find a love match, his attitude may prevent his lady from getting taken in an uncoupling.

Who do you think made the better first impression, Dylan or Cormac?

Love Island airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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