Contestant drops out on Discovery’s survivalist show The Wheel

Josh shows his cut to the camera after nearly blinding himself on this week's The Wheel
Josh shows his cut to the camera after nearly blinding himself on this week’s The Wheel

Discovery’s hit new survivalist show The Wheel takes its first casualty this week — as one of the six contestants drops out.

Footage also shows contender Josh nearly blinding himself as he breaks branches while building a shelter to keep himself protected from the elements.

The former wrestler can’t figure out how to snap the branches in two, but suddenly has the brain-wave of picking up a large boulder and throwing it on to the branches to break them.

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Josh unwittingly predicts disaster before he tries out his new idea, saying: “Got to do this the smart way. Don’t want my time here ending because of me being dumb!”

He then lifts a boulder and hurls it on to a large branch, breaking it in two. He says: “It worked! Sometimes you’ve just got to use your caveman brain and think how they did it without many tools.”

But seconds later he tries again with a second, larger branch. Standing closer than he did before, he drops the boulder on to it, causing it to fly up and smash into his face.

Inches lower and it would have hit him in the eye, potentially blinding him and bringing his time on the series to an end. But this time he was lucky, learning his lesson with just a cut to the forehead.

This week’s episode sees all the contestants uprooted from their first environment when The Wheel turns in time with the rotation of the moon.

Josh has his incident as he braves the tundra, while Lindsay struggles to find water in the 105 degree heat of the bush plains and starts to despair.

Meanwhile, adept trap builder Luke fares better when he catches a nutritious breakfast of fish — all with enormous teeth — in the rainforest. But did anyone mention the caimans?

The Wheel airs Fridays at 10/9c on Discovery.


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