Who wins as The Wheel spins for a final time?

This week Discovery’s brutal reality survival show The Wheel turns for the last time as the day 60 mark looms for the remaining competitors. Luke Soderling can expect plenty of rain as he heads to the island where the constant downpours have previously demoralised and stressed out those trying to survive on it. His weight

Horrors of starvation set in for Lindsay on The Wheel

The horrific reality of starvation starts to set in for contestant Lindsay Phenix on The Wheel this week — as she breaks down after running out of food. Just three contestants are left on Discovery’s survival show going into the episode, Lindsay, Luke Soderling and Adam Kimble. Fish becomes the focus for all three contestants,

Who is Lindsay Phenix from Discovery’s The Wheel?

Lindsay Phenix was one of just two women in the starting line-up of Discovery’s gruelling survivalist show The Wheel — and has held her own against the men as the series progresses. But who is Lindsay — and where did she get that inherent toughness? Lindsay, 25, is a fitness model, professional stunt woman and massage therapist,

Contestant Shon’s body shuts down on Discovery’s survival show The Wheel

The Wheel contestant Shon Joyner takes himself to the limit on this week’s episode — after his body begins to shut down. Just four remain of the initial six contestants on the Discovery survivalist show, where contenders must try to survive six different environments in South America over the course of 60 days. Kat Dellinger and

Who is Adam Kimble from Discovery’s The Wheel?

Discovery’s The Wheel is a new spin on survivalist shows. The series challenges six participants to survive in six inhospitable terrains across South America over the course of sixty days. Adam Kimble was one of those starting six. But who is the 6ft 3in bearded 29-year-old when he’s at home? Adam is from Minooka, Illinois, but


Luke is back hunting alligator and Shon makes a spear launcher on The Wheel

This week on The Wheel, luke’s hunger draws him to alligators once again and Shon makes a spear-thrower. 35- year-old plumber Luke has a nice spot on the bush plains, but he’s aware how dangerous the heat can be and how big some of those caiman are. He’s also pretty hungry, but when he finally catches

Contestant drops out on Discovery’s survivalist show The Wheel

Discovery’s hit new survivalist show The Wheel takes its first casualty this week — as one of the six contestants drops out. Footage also shows contender Josh nearly blinding himself as he breaks branches while building a shelter to keep himself protected from the elements. The former wrestler can’t figure out how to snap the branches in two, but suddenly

The Wheel cast: Meet the contestants in Discovery’s new survivalist show

The Wheel is Discovery Channel’s new take on the survivalist show, where six contestants from different walks of life have to try and survive in six completely different landscapes across South America. The cast for Season 1 includes a fitness model, a former wrestler, a nurse, an ultra-runner, a plumber, and a former Marine. They are