Coin, keys and the Money Pit: Marty and Rick Lagina make huge finds on The Curse of Oak Island Season 5

Marty and Rick Lagina on The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 and inset of a key and a coin
The Laginas celebrate finding the Money Pit and, inset, a key and coin uncovered during the season

Marty and Rick Lagina are unable to hide their joy as they uncover huge finds in the trailer for The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 — including an ancient coin, keys and what appears to be the original Money Pit.

Our exclusive first look at the upcoming season, below, shows the pair celebrating as they struggle to contain their excitement at what looks to be the discovery of the location of the original shaft.

Over the 220-year search for treasure on Oak Island so many pits have been dug that the original location of the Money Pit — which it’s believe could contain valuable treasure or priceless artefacts — was lost long ago.

However, the footage in the clip below suggest the Laginas have finally found it, and what’s more…it’s MARTY, always the more skeptikal of the two, who is the one that reveals it. Rick tells his brother: “I think we found the Money Pit.” Marty replies: “I know we found the Money Pit.”

After we exclusively revealed The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 trailer yesterday, we dissected it to look at what it shows. Bear in mind that the brothers are still on the island completing Season 5, so there could still be lots more discoveries to come!

This season where others see disaster, the brothers see opportunity. Where others see hints, the brothers see the big picture. Where others see a dead end, the brothers see the finish line. – Season 5 trailer


The intro to the trailer reveals that huge storms battered the island during the winter before filming started, with one of its roads literally disappearing. Marty says that due to storm surges and the like, things may have potentially have been unearthed that were hidden before.

Ancient coin

One scene shows the brothers uncovering an ancient coin, which is estimated at the time it’s found to date from around the 1600s. The same scene but a different shot shows Rick Lagina high-fiving someone off camera after making the discovery.

Old coin on The Curse of Oak Island Season 5
The coin shown being uncovered in the Season 5 trailer, which is estimated to date from the 1600s

Huge boulder

Marty is seen in an excavator digging up a huge boulder which appears to have one flat side, which as The Curse of Oak Islands fans know is significant as it could well be a marker stone.


One scene shows Rick inside a cave shining a torch on the walls. A separate shot shows what looks like an engraved Templar cross on a wall. Though the symbol doesn’t look like that’s what they find in the cave, it hints that they may uncover something inside.

Serious accident

What looks like a potentially serious accident takes place as a high-pressure hose accidentally blasts someone in the face at close range. It looks like the person survives, but the curse that’s said to hang over Oak Island may be wreaking havoc again. As all fans know, a prophesy says that one more person needs to die in the quest for treasure on Oak Island before it reveals its secrets.

Original Money Pit

The brothers share an emotional moment together in one joy-filled scene where Marty says he “knows” they have found the Money Pit. He later says in an interview with producers: “We not only found the Money Pit, the Money Pit is real!” This would be a potentially game-changing discovery for the brothers.


One scene shows Rick and Charles Barkhouse examining a key, with Rick saying: “It looks like a key for a lock within a lock.”

Key on The Curse of Oak Island Season 5
The key which Rick describes as looking like it’s for a “lock within a lock”


A separate scene shows Alex Lagina, Marty’s son, carrying some sort of chest then opening it using a key as Charles along with Rick and Marty’s nephew Peter Fornetti look on. Rick’s voiceover says: “This is it, this is the end game.” We told earlier this month how History revealed the season sees “new artifacts, including a pirate’s chest and a set of keys for three other chests, surface.

Watch the trailer below!

The Curse of Oak Island returns November 7 on History.

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Thomas Bartlett Boyer
Thomas Bartlett Boyer
1 year ago

Rick and Marty, I am Master Thomas Boyer. Think about this… If I was TEMPLAR
Fleeing to survive and being followed out of time. I would have captured the first ship kill all aboard, dig out the clay query and bury it in the swamp to be. while
building the original money pit. And what happened with 200 missing ships? I think they got used to building the tunnels and money pit. This saved them a lot of
time and money. With all the treasures they paid themselves. Go open the ship
at the bottom of the swamp and pay your selves back.

Miles Van Epps
Miles Van Epps
3 months ago

Rewatching Curse of Oak Island episodes. Could the unknown shafts be air shafts for the people digging tunnels 100 ft. or more below the ground? Could the waves line pointing to “the valve” be used with the other points to find “ the hole under the hatch containing the valve” to shut off the flood water or even direct air to various locations in the tunnels?