Cleverman exclusive finale preview: Waruu declares war on subhumans

Rob Collins as Waruu West
Rob Collins as Waruu West in the Season 2 finale of Cleverman on SundanceTV

The ultimate showdown happens tonight as SundanceTV’s Cleverman Season 2 finale pits Waruu West and Koen in an overarching battle for equity and social justice between the humans and the hairies.

Cleverman is a dystopian future drama rooted in ancient Aboriginal mythology where humans and Hairypeople are at loggerheads within the society they live in, and the struggle is coming to a violent culmination in tonight’s episode.

Waruu West is a community leader in The Zone, keeping the peace between the humans and hairies who live there, and advocating for both.

He is the charismatic older half-brother of Koen West, but never was close to him.

Koen’s Caucasian mother was a point of contention for Waruu, who always wanted to be the next Cleverman.

To his dismay, his Uncle Jimmy chose Koen instead. A fully powered Cleverman, the show reveals, can immediately heal his own wounds, envision the future, defeat organ-eating monsters, and lay spirits to rest.

Monsters and Critics received the exclusive clip below from the finale, Borrowed Time, where an angered Waruu alerts the press of his intentions.

Microphones at the podium, Waruu is curt and at his last tether, saying: “Following this cowardly attack on the inclusion clinic, the department of human safety today declares that inclusion will now be compulsory for all subhumans.

“We will not be intimidated by terrorist activities from hairy sympathizers. We will not change who we are or how we live.

“Any subhuman found will be arrested and escorted by armed guard to the clinic to further protect our citizens.

“Bennelong House will now be under 24-hour guard. No residents of Bennelong house will be permitted to leave the premises for any reason whatsoever. I will not be taking any questions, thank you.”

Also tonight, Jarli takes action with the city limits. But the big battle is between the brothers for the title of Cleverman, with Waruu having the thing that can end Koen’s life.

The Cleverman finale airs tonight, Wednesday, August 2, at 10/9c on SundanceTV.

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