Cleverman exclusive finale preview: Waruu declares war on subhumans

The ultimate showdown happens tonight as SundanceTV’s Cleverman Season 2 finale pits Waruu West and Koen in an overarching battle for equity and social justice between the humans and the hairies. Cleverman is a dystopian future drama rooted in ancient Aboriginal mythology where humans and Hairypeople are at loggerheads within the society they live in,

Cleverman exclusive: Charlotte struggles with ‘Hairy’ baby news

SundanceTV’s Cleverman will send chills up your spine tonight in new episode Dark Clouds. In our exclusive clip below, Jarrod Slade (Iain Glen) is deep in an emotional exchange with a distraught pregnant Charlotte Cleary (Frances O’Connor). She discovers she has tested positive for some “subhuman” DNA, and then realizes she has been impregnated with