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Chicago P.D. spoilers: Could Burgess have to leave Intelligence?

Burgess On Chicago PD
Marina Teresa Squerciati as Officer Kim Burgess on Chicago P.D. cast. Pic credit: NBC/YouTube

Chicago P.D. spoilers for Season 7, Episode 8 were already revealed, in part, during the preview for the new installment. Now, on Wednesday night, NBC viewers are going to watch Burgess find out something shocking.

Burgess is pregnant. The news is definitely going to take her character in a new direction. She wants to be a mother, so is she going to choose to walk away from being a member of Intelligence?

Below is the sneak peek that NBC revealed for the new episode, where Burgess hears unexpected news from a doctor. It’s just a quick 15-second snippet, but it has fans buzzing. It originally aired following the last episode of the show, where Michael Beach returned as Darius Walker.

Marina Teresa Squerciati as Officer Kim Burgess

Marina Squerciati has been a part of the Chicago P.D. cast since the beginning, but her role has changed quite a bit during the seven seasons. The show used to also focus on the patrol side of the precinct, but officers ended up getting promoted or assigned to Hank Voight’s (played by Jason Beghe) Intelligence team.

The character of Burgess fought hard to earn a spot with Voight and now she works as part of an elite unit that was put together to work on the worst cases plaguing Chicago. It means they are in danger more often than parole, which won’t be a good place for a pregnant character.

Chicago P.D. spoilers: Burgess finds out she’s pregnant

On the new episode, called No Regrets, Burgess is going to get injured while pursuing a suspect. When she heads to the hospital to get checked out, she receives a shocking diagnosis. But how did she get pregnant?

There are a lot of fan theories already getting posted on social media, but there is a scenario that makes the most sense. At the end of the three-hour crossover event, called Infection, Burgess and Adam Ruzek (played by Patrick Flueger) were shown going home together.

Don’t read this as confirmation, as we are just making a guess that this is how she got pregnant. That’s just circumstantial evidence in this situation, but it sure looks like the show is setting up something between Burgess and Ruzek for the rest of Season 7.

We will all find out more information on the situation when Season 7, Episode 8 debuts on Wednesday night. This seems like an episode that viewers don’t want to miss.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesday nights at 10/9c on NBC.

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