Chicago P.D. Season 10 recap: Jay Halstead leaves, Intelligence gets a new member, and a shocking death

Tracy Spiridakos Red Carpet
Tracy Spiridakos stars as Hailey Upton on Chicago P.D. Season 10. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Chicago P.D. Season 10 aired nine very entertaining new episodes of the show in Fall 2022.

During that batch of new content, a main character exited, another character was shockingly killed, and Intelligence took on a new full-time member.

The last season of the show ended with resolution, as Intelligence brought an end to a drug ring and got a lot of good press out of it.

In the process, though, Hank Voight’s newest informant, Anna, was killed by Detective Hailey Upton when she thought Anna was trying to kill Voight.

Season 10 began with Voight still feeling very guilty for Anna’s death and partially blaming Upton for what had happened. Voight had taken on patrolling the area where the case had all taken place, and it appeared that he was dragging Jay Halstead down with him.

Thanks to their successful busts, Intelligence was granted a new member, and Halstead brought in Dante Torres (Benjamin Levy Aguilar), who had helped the team out during a case the prior season.

Chicago P.D. says goodbye to Jay Halstead

A few episodes into Chicago P.D. Season 10, Halstead revealed that he needed to leave Chicago and re-enlist in order to make the kind of difference he was comfortable with.

In his wake, Halstead left an Intelligence team trying to find new leadership and a wife (Upton) who was finding it almost impossible to deal with his exit.

Chicago P.D. fans have also taken Halstead’s exit pretty hard, as he was an extremely popular character on the show. Luckily, though, One Chicago has Jesse Lee Soffer returning in a new role.

Sean O’Neal investigated by Intelligence

Upton began overworking herself and taking on as many extra hours as she could to deal with Halstead’s absence. That led to her being on the scene when a case of girls being trafficked came up.

Thanks to her, Intelligence began investigating Sean O’Neal and his ties to many missing girls, but it was a difficult case due to him being the son of Chief Patty O’Neal (played by Michael Gaston).

Yellowstone actor Jefferson White played Sean O’Neal, bringing a lot of mystery and dramatic acting to the show. Thanks to Upton being so dedicated to the case, Intelligence took down Sean, but not before he caused more chaos.

As Voight and Upton went to arrest Sean, they found out he was at his dad’s place. When they got there, Voight and Upton found both men shot and on the floor. The chief had shot his son and then turned the gun on himself to bring an end to it all.

But Sean did not die. Voight provided life-saving aid and got Sean to the hospital in time to save his life. Upton refused to help him in the process, which could lead to lingering feelings as Season 10 continues.

Wrapping up the first half of Chicago P.D. Season 10

When Chicago P.D. returns, Sean O’Neal is alive, the chief is dead, and there could be some new leadership that Intelligence will have to deal with. They solved another high-profile case, though, so the brass may smile upon them again.

Elsewhere, Kim Burgess moved in with Adam Ruzek, so the duo and their adopted daughter, Makayla, are all living under one roof now.

Torres is getting more familiar with the job, with Kevin Atwater stepping up to help him after Halstead vacated things.

A new Chicago P.D. cast member will be introduced in the winter premiere, and we will likely see Upton and Voight still trying to deal with what happened back in the fall finale.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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