Chicago P.D. recap: End of Watch brings a career to a close

Ruzek Case Chicago PD
Ricardo Chavira as Det. Sal Ortiz and Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek on the Chicago P.D. cast. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

Chicago P.D. featured Ruzek as the primary character during the new episode that aired Wednesday night.

Last week, we got to see Atwater star in an episode that saw him enter a relationship, but there could be trouble ahead if he isn’t honest with her.

The name of the new episode was End of Watch, so it had some Chicago P.D. fans worried that it was hinting at one of the main characters dying. Luckily, nobody from Intelligence died during the episode.

It was also heavily advertised that actor Ricardo Chavira was guest-starring as Detective Sal Ortiz on the Chicago P.D. cast. He was written up as an old colleague of Ruzek’s.

Chicago P.D. Season 9, Episode 6 recap

A few moments into the episode, Ruzek was at the mall picking up a stuffed animal for Makayla when he heard shots being fired. He came upon a robbery at a jewelry store and pursued two suspects into the street. As he was running after them, a patrol sergeant told him to terminate the chase, but he kept going and a woman ended up getting hit by a car. The suspects all got away.

While Ruzek was on the scene, the rest of Intelligence and Detective Sal Ortiz (Ricardo Chavira) showed up to begin investigating things. Ortiz stated that this was the fourth armed robbery that the crew of three people had pulled off and he volunteered to work with Intelligence on the case.

Back at the office, Trudy told Ruzek that he had received a complaint from the sergeant for not addressing his order to halt the earlier chase.

The team tracked one of the suspects to a fence and a gunfight broke out that led to Ruzek shooting and killing the man.

Later, Intelligence and Ortiz showed up at a reported robbery right as the suspects were exiting. Again, they pursued the suspects into the street, but that was when Ortiz called off the chase. Right after that chase was called off, a suspect carjacked a man and shot him.

The theme of the episode was the new policies that the Chicago P.D. has had to deal with in regard to pursuing suspects and Ruzek was having a really hard time with the new rules.

Ruzek has to arrest Ortiz

Toward the end of the episode, Intelligence came upon a stash house where the suspects were hiding a lot of expensive watches that they had stolen. When they breached the house, though, there was nobody there and just an empty bag that used to hold the watches.

Burgess figured out that Ortiz was being a bit dishonest about things and she brought it to Ruzek, who refused to believe it. When he was called in to defend the shooting from earlier in the episode, that’s when Ruzek started to have his own doubts. He had relayed the information that Ortiz had told him about the day of the shooting, but it turned out Ortiz had lied about his location during the gunfight.

Ruzek and Burgess went to Voight with the information and they tracked down Ortiz to arrest him. It turned out that his wife was sick and that his paychecks were being garnished due to a lawsuit he lost.

Though Ortiz was still trying to be a good cop, he got to the watches first in the stash house and took them before Intelligence could collect the evidence. Ruzek and Voight then found the watches on Ortiz and Ruzek had to arrest a cop he had known for years.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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