Chicago P.D. recap: A casualty for Intelligence

Hank Voight Chicago PD
Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) stands over the grave of Al Olinsky on Chicago P.D. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

The Chicago P.D. season finale ended dramatically.

Intelligence was able to close its case against Richard Beck, but there were casualties.

After the previous episode focused on Officer Torres, he wasn’t a part of the finale night.

The night began with a montage featuring Officer Adam Ruzek to show that the case had worn him down.

With the undercover hours adding up, Ruzek fell asleep at his desk. He woke up to the sound of his phone as Samantha Beck called.

Samantha told Ruzek to come over, and when he did, she explained that she was getting out of town.

Richard had moved up the timetable on his attack, and Samantha wanted to ensure her son was safely out of Chicago.

When Samantha wouldn’t give Ruzek any information on the attack, he took her into custody.

Intelligence flips Samantha Beck

Samantha agreed to turn on her father in exchange for immunity. The immunity deal also protected her son.

She didn’t have details on an attack, but she led Intelligence to stockpiles of explosives and money.

Intelligence broke into teams to simultaneously take down several locations, leading to some dramatic moments.

Voight’s team found the money, while Atwater’s team found the explosive. Too late, he noticed a live camera feed. Atwater got his team out of a farmhouse a split-second before it was blown up. Luckily, there were only minor injuries.

None of the teams found Richard Beck, leading Ruzek to assume he knew they were coming.

Adam Ruzek is left for dead after getting shot

While the raids took place, Ruzek was sent to get Samantha and her son to a safe house.

The kid went upstairs to pack, but Ruzek could hear him talking to someone.

Went Ruzek went upstairs, he found the kid talking to his grandfather (Richard Beck) on the phone.

The kid turned to Ruzek, accused him of lying and trying to take down his grandpa, and shot Ruzek.

Samantha heard the shot and came upstairs to collect her son. She then left while Ruzek was dying on the ground.

Ruzek got to his phone and was able to call for help. Voight and Kim Burgess got there and ushered him into an ambulance.

On the way to the hospital, Ruzek forced Burgess to promise she would get to Samantha and her son before Richard.

Though she didn’t want to leave the hospital, Trudy convinced her to do it.

A dramatic ending to the Chicago P.D. season finale

Using a tracker, Burgess found Samantha Beck and her son. As she placed Samantha under arrest, Richard Beck slammed his truck into Burgess’ car.

Richard then took his grandson as a hostage as Voight arrived on the scene. Voight tried to talk him down while Burgess put Samantha in her car.

A few tense moments happened as Richard said his brainwashed grandchild would give his life for the cause.

Richard was pushing the kid into his truck when a shot rang out. Richard went to the ground as his grandson was sprayed with blood.

The camera panned around to find Atwater had taken the shot after arriving. The grandson looked at him in anger as he was taken into custody.

At the end of the episode, Voight and ASA Samantha Chapman quietly drank at the same bar where Voight and Jay Halstead had been in the season premiere.

The fate of Adam Ruzek has not been revealed.

A new season has been ordered, but Chicago P.D. Season 11 may get postponed.

Elsewhere, a main character left Chicago Med in the season finale.

Chicago P.D.airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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