Chicago P.D. alum Jon Seda teases a return

Actor Jon Seda
Jon Seda starred on the Chicago P.D. cast for years. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Former Chicago P.D. star Jon Seda was well-liked as Detective Antonio Dawson, and there are still fans who want to see him return to the show.

Antonio is still alive in the world of One Chicago, but he ended up leaving the city to join sister Gabby Dawson in Puerto Rico.

The character appeared in 115 episodes of Chicago P.D., 47 episodes of Chicago Fire, and even 13 episodes of the spin-off Chicago Justice.

It was actually on Chicago Fire, where Antonio was first introduced when Firehouse 51 had to deal a lot with Hank Voight and his shenanigans.

Recently, a Chicago P.D. fan took to social media to say that the only thing they wanted for Christmas was to see Antonio return to the show.

Seeing his name tagged on the post, Seda responded, starting up some intriguing rumors about him re-joining the Chicago P.D. cast.

Could Jon Seda return to play Antonio Dawson again?

Right now, Seda is pretty busy with his new show, La Brea. On the NBC drama, Seda plays Dr. Sam Velez.

In the short term, it would be difficult for Seda to pull off double duty, but that door is still wide open for a guest appearance on Chicago P.D. At the same time, fans aren’t going to give up on seeing Antonio pop up again to help out Intelligence.

“Maybe there’s a portal that leads to Chicago?” Seda wrote to the fan who tagged him in a GIF where Antonio and Voight hug it out.

More news from the world of One Chicago

Speaking of One Chicago returns, rumors of an actor returning to Chicago Med have also surfaced recently. The trio of NBC dramas have seen a lot of people come and go over the years, so it isn’t a stretch for fans to think something else might be on the horizon.

And for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, a big Chicago Med exit is taking place on the upcoming fall finale. The fall finales for Med, Fire, and P.D. are all going to debut on Wednesday, December 7.

But back to Antonio and what he brought to the dramas.

Below is a dramatic scene that Jon Seda shared with the late Anne Heche when they were both on Chicago P.D.

For Chicago P.D. fans who want to go back and re-watch the early episodes that featured Detective Antonio Dawson, everything is available for streaming on Paramount+. He can also be seen on Chicago Fire Season 1 episodes.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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