Chicago Med season finale: Will gets warning from Agent Lee, Ava tries to win back Connor

Chicago Med cast during season finale
Chicago Med cast during the season finale. Pic credit: NBC

The Chicago Med season finale has arrived and it is going to be a dramatic conclusion for Season 4.

At the end of the last episode, it was revealed that the father of Dr. Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) had likely been murdered. That is going to be an important storyline when the Chicago Med season finale airs on NBC.

Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) and Caroline (Paula Newsome) also have an important story arc, as she revealed in the last episode that she is now dying from her cancer. Will Dr. Charles leave the hospital to go take care of Caroline?

Drama coming during Chicago Med Season 4 finale

The tagline from NBC reads, “Brace yourselves for our most shocking season finale yet.” That’s a pretty bold statement ahead of the Chicago Med season finale, but it is aided by some information that was already released by the network.

There are some characters who will be leaving the show. It’s really going to shake up the Chicago Med cast and give the program a different look for Season 5. The great news is the series will be back on NBC in the fall, but the bad news is that not all the characters will be there.

Maggie (Marlyne Barrett) is also going to deal with some drama in the new episode. As shown in the video clip below, Maggie’s kidney recipient is rushed into the ED. How will that all go?

Amid all the stories that have been building up to the Chicago Med season finale, the most important one might be between Connor and Ava (Norma Kuhling). In the episode preview, NBC has advertised that Ava will fight to keep her relationship with Connor. Will he take her back?

Then there is Will (Nick Gehlfuss), who is about to be informed by Agent Lee that his life is in danger.

Season 4, episode 22 is one that Chicago Med viewers do not want to miss. If the Season 4 finale lives up to the billing that NBC has given it over the past few weeks, this could be the most memorable episode that the series has had.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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