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Chicago Med fall finale arrives with cliffhangers, can’t miss moments

Manning Chicago Med
Torrey DeVitto as Dr. Natalie Manning on a new episode of Chicago Med. Pic credit: NBC

The Chicago Med fall finale airs on Wednesday night and this is going to be one memorable episode. Called I Can’t Imagine the Future, this is Season 5, Episode 9 of the show and it will end with a series of cliffhangers.

While it might seem early to be airing a fall finale, that’s exactly what is taking place on Wednesday. This is the last new episode of Chicago Med for 2019. The show will then go on its long winter hiatus before returning in 2020.

But before the show takes a break, fans are going to be hit with one big story twist after another. One of the more important ones was already heavily hinted at in the episode preview, as Dr. Natalie Manning is about to remember some things from the night of her accident.

Will her memories help the relationship she has with Dr. Will Halstead? Is the future of Manstead going to look a bit brighter? It’s going to be a tumultuous night as fans start to see what might be coming next.

Chicago Med Season 5, Episode 9 preview: Imagine the future

There is more to cover than just what is taking place with Manning and Halstead. It wouldn’t be Chicago Med if there weren’t several things up in the air as the show prepares to take its winter break.

NBC has advertised that April is going to receive some very unfortunate news that will make her question her future with Ethan.

Also in this new episode, Dr. Charles and Maggie will start to foresee difficult times in their futures. For Dr. Charles, that will have to do with the health of his wife, and for Maggie, it will have to do with her own treatments.

These storylines seem to be heading toward sad outcomes, but we will all have to tune in to see what the future holds for Carolina Charles and Maggie Lockwood.

The featured Chicago Med cast members for this episode are Nick Gehlfuss (Will Halstead), Torrey DeVitto (Natalie Manning), Yaya DaCosta (April Sexton), Marlyne Barrett (Maggie Lockwood), Oliver Platt (Dr. Charles), and Paula Newsome (Caroline Charles). Several other characters will also have important scenes and lines.

As this is the Chicago Med fall finale, viewers should expect a lot of storylines to go unresolved. It’s going to be a night of cliffhangers, leaving a lot of questions for viewers. It’s a ploy to bring people back when the return date arrives in early 2020.

Chicago Med airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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