Chicago Med: Brian Tee teases possible return as Dr. Choi

Brian Tee On The Red Carpet
One Chicago could see a familiar face again. Pic credit: © Smith/Featureflash

Could we see the return of actor Brian Tee to the Chicago Med cast?

The veteran actor played Dr. Ethan Choi for years, but the character left the show when he married Nurse April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta).

A big deal was made about Ethan and April remaining in Chicago, leaving the door open for a return.

Brian has since returned behind the camera, serving as the director for two episodes of Med.

He has also been spending time on a new show called Expats with Nicole Kidman.

Recently, Brian was at the Gotham TV Awards to help present an award to the creator of that show, Lulu Wang.

Brian Tee chats about a return to One Chicago

“There’s always conversation [about] returning on screen,” Brian Tee told TVLine.

“It’s interesting. I think, every season, Chicago Med goes through a bit of a flux,” Brian further teased.

It’s true. Chicago Med has a lot of turnover in the cast. Many stars have come and gone from the One Chicago medical drama, allowing for fresh faces and returning characters.

“But I get to come back, and I play with all the cast and the crew on the director side of things. So we’ll always start that conversation, and if the right time or the right storyline comes along, maybe it might happen. So it’s kind of one of those things that you never say goodbye to,” Brian elaborated in the interview.

The veteran actor also spoke about his interest in returning to One Chicago to direct episodes for Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. He wants to branch out in that facet and has fun showing his talents behind the camera.

He appears keen to resurrect his character if the right storyline comes along, but for now, his return as Dr. Choi seems more like a tease than a reality.

One Chicago news during the hiatus

The One Chicago shows are on hiatus for the summer. New seasons will arrive in the fall of 2024.

Recently, a Chicago Fire star shared some set photos. The behind-the-scenes look showcased how much fun the cast and crew had while filming the series.

Chicago P.D. stars also recently had an off-set reunion. They took the time to have tea together between filming seasons of the hit show.

Below is an Instagram post that Brian Tee shared after he directed a Chicago Med Season 9 episode.

Previous seasons of Chicago Med are streaming on Peacock. Older seasons of Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. are also on the streaming service.

Chicago Med is on hiatus at NBC.

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