Chicago Fire showrunner says goodbye to Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker)

Eamonn Walker Chicago Fire
Eamonn Walker had a long run as Chief Boden on the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: Elizabeth Morris/NBCUniversal

The Chicago Fire season finale featured a fond farewell to Chief Wallace Boden.

Fans tuning in for the final episode of Season 12 saw Boden become the Deputy Commissioner. It’s a role that takes him away from Firehouse 51.

The family he had created at the firehouse sent him off with well-wishes, as Boden looked to make changes for the Chicago Fire Department from the inside.

Eamonn Walker has played the role since the very first season, but his run as a series regular has ended.

This was sad news revealed to Chicago Fire fans, especially those shocked by what happened during the season finale.

Walker always had a great scene presence as Chief Boden, so the show’s tone may shift when Chicago Fire Season 13 debuts in the fall.

Chicago Fire showrunner says goodbye to Eamonn Walker

“Eamonn is the most big-hearted, passionate, hard-working and dedicated actor (and human) I know, and he is like a father to every cast member and crew member of this team. He is loved like no other,” Chicago Fire showrunner Andrea Newman told Deadline.

Since many cast members had been missing for episodes during Season 12, the finale also served as a reunion for everyone to say goodbye. The emotions captured on screen between him and the rest of the cast were real.

“Any change in his position on Fire is going to be like an earthquake coming through. The vibe on set for the finale was just, hold onto Eamonn as tight as you can. Every minute with him is a gift,” Newman added.

She is right. Having someone take over Boden’s office in Season 13 will “be like an earthquake” to viewers.

The season finale hinted that Christopher Herrmann (played by David Eigenberg) is the man getting that nod. He had some poignant moments during the finale that showed his leadership style, but he has big shoes to fill.

Chicago Fire fans also say goodbye to Chief Boden.

Many Chicago Fire fans used social media to post goodbye messages to Chief Boden and Eamonn Walker.

“Congrats to Deputy Commissioner Boden #ChicagoFire. I’m clapping like my big brother older cousin just leveled up!” wrote one fan.

“Just finished season 12 of Chicago Fire & I will always remember the heroic Chief Boden. Thank you Eamonn Walker for 12 years of your role for Wallace Boden!” wrote another fan.

“Thank you for everything, Deputy Commissioner Wallace Boden aka Eamonn Walker, i’ll miss you #ChicagoFire,” posted another fan while sharing a GIF of the goodbye scene.

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Tracy Spiridakos also revealed why she left Chicago P.D. The actress had played Detective Hailey Upton for years, but the finale marked her final episode.

Previous episodes of Chicago Fire are streaming on Peacock.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesday at 9/8c on NBC.

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18 days ago

I am going to miss chief Boden. It’s going to be so sad. This is the end of Chicago Fire for me. No one can fit in his shoes. Not even Severide, who is the best candidate for his position.