Chicago Fire Season 8 release date: When does show return to TV in fall 2019?

Brett and Casey Chicago Fire
Sylvie Brett and Matthew Casey share a scene on Chicago Fire Season 7. Pic credit: NBC/YouTube

The Chicago Fire Season 8 release date is almost at hand. It’s time to find out what the crew of firefighters and paramedics working at Firehouse 51 of the Chicago Fire Department have been up to all summer.

The great news was revealed last May when NBC renewed Chicago Fire for another season. It also helped viewers deal with the intense cliffhanger from Season 7. What exactly happened in that massive fire during the finale?

Chaplain Kyle asked Brett to marry him, Casey seemingly missed his chance to date Brett, and the duo of Severide and Stella teamed up to track down a female arsonist who had been terrorizing the city. Those were all subplots to the finale.

All of that was set aside when all of Firehouse 51 ended up in different portions of a mattress factory as a boiler reached the point of exploding. Trapped civilians, firefighters, and paramedics were spread all around the building when the credits started rolling.

Chicago Fire Season 8 release date: When does show return?

The Chicago Fire return date is Wednesday, September 25. The NBC show will take its familiar time slot of 9/8c on each Wednesday, which falls in the middle of the Chicago-based shows airing that night.

There are bound to be even more crossover episodes in the coming year. It is so easy to work firefighters from one show and detectives from another show into episodes together.

Before the writers get to that point of the season, viewers want to know what happened to some of the stars of the show. There is also still time for viewers to re-watch that ending to Season 7.

Will the characters played by Jesse Spencer (Casey), Taylor Kinney (Severide), David Eigenberg (Christopher Herrmann), and Kara Killmer (Brett) survive the fire? We will all have to tune in to find out when the show finally returns from its hiatus for fall 2019 episodes.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on NBC.

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