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Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 10 Recap: Detectives Casey and Gallo reporting for duty

Chicago Fire
Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey and Alberto Rosende as Blake Gallo on Chicago Fire Pic credit:: Adrian Burrows/NBC

That was a really long hiatus, wasn’t it, Chihards? Chicago Fire has finally returned tonight with a surprisingly touching episode, after leaving us on one hell of a cliffhanger back in November.

But let’s be honest, no one actually thought Severide was going to die, right? They wouldn’t do this to us so soon after gutting us with Otis’ death. Right?

That said, I am so, so glad and relieved that our boy Kelly is finally back at Firehouse 51, where he belongs. And most importantly, far away from Seager’s claws. But we’ll talk more about that in a second.

In an episode that alternated between slow moments and crazy awesome action scenes (that firetruck chase? Wow!), Chicago Fire Season 8, Episode 10 “Hold Our Ground” closed a chapter on Severide working at OFI, while introducing a new romantic storyline for our new baby Gallo.

Spotlight on Blake Gallo

Tonight’s episode was surprisingly very focused on our newest firefighter, Blake Gallo, played beautifully by Alberto Rosende.

From helping Casey out with an investigation following a car accident to introducing more of his private life, Blake Gallo was everywhere in “Hold our ground.”

Not that I’m complaining, of course. I am just coming out of a Shadowhunters binge session, where Rosende played the most adorkable-must-protect-at-all-costs vampire, and I have to say I am just in love with his work.

I really like that they are taking the time to build this character, give him a decent backstory, introduce more people into his life — that are not just his fellow firefighters at 51 — and I love that Casey seems to have taken him under his wing.

Every scene they were in together in tonight’s episode was magic — from working together at the scene of the accident to the chase through the streets of Chicago, it all worked really well.

Not to mention the camaraderie he already has with his fellow firefighters.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing where this love/hate relationship he has with the paramedic from Firehouse 20 is going, and I can’t wait to see more of this adorable character.

Although I have to say, after burning through three seasons of Shadowhunters in two weeks, all I see now is my precious unicorn nerd Simon Lewis running around Chicago playing a firefighter.

Brett and Foster on the outs

Was it just me, or did that fight come completely out of nowhere? And I know in the end Brett says that Foster had just suddenly changed and Emily did explain what had her in such a mood, but the sudden change nearly gave me whiplash.

For half of the episode, I was scratching my head, trying to remember if I had missed an episode or something, or if they’d had a fight in the midseason finale, and I didn’t remember.

So I see what they tried to do and how seeing photos of her former colleagues would affect Foster, but the execution of that plot didn’t work for me. I was way too confused at Foster’s sudden change to get invested in the drama.

But I am glad that they talked it out and I absolutely loved that scene where Stella corners both of them and makes them talk. Their friendship is one of the things that made me give this show a second chance, and I am so glad we get to see it in pretty much every single episode.

Today’s TV seriously lacks in the healthy female friendships department, and this is one of the things Chicago Fire does absolutely right.

Mouch and the quest for the lost address

This is the one storyline in tonight’s episode that surprised me.

When Mouch started searching for the missing address on a letter after it got stuck under his boot, I genuinely thought this was going to have a funny ending, or it would turn out to be just some junk mail or something.

But when he finally found the address with Ritter’s help, he decided to deliver the letter personally.

And let me tell you, that scene made me cry like a baby. The fact that it was a letter from a fallen soldier that had never returned from war already hit me right in the emotions.

But when she thanked Mouch, saying that her husband had finally come home, I was crying in earnest. What a beautiful and surprising end to this subplot.

Other highlights:

  • Severide is back where he belongs at Firehouse 51 as Squad 3 Lieutenant. But what really made me happy was seeing that he finally saw Seager’s advances for what they were and firmly let her know he is indeed a man tied down to just ONE thing. Stella’s relieved expression when Seager finally left was the best. I know, girl, I was very relieved too. They are so good for each other. I ship them so hard, guys. So hard.
  • Joe and Ritter teasing Gallo about his obvious crush on the paramedic was precious. He is officially a part of the family now and I just want to protect my baby Blake Gallo at all costs.

Chicago Fire airs on Wednesdays at 9/8C on NBC.

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