Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: Live feeds go dark after intense showdown

Natalie Eva Marie and Tamar on Celebrity Big Brother
Natalie Eva Marie and Tamar bonded, but will that change after the altercation today? Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother just evicted the first houseguest last night and the house is in chaos today.

Prior to the chosen celebrities moving into the house, there were some rumors about diva-like behavior happening in sequester. With the heavily-edited episodes that air on television, the live feeds are there for all of the behind-the-scenes drama.

Tamar Braxton has a temper on her, something that many viewers knew ahead of time. Couple that with the stress in the house and living under cameras 24/7 and it was a recipe for an explosion.

While there have been brief spats here and there since entering the Celebrity Big Brother house, it was nothing like the current situation.

What is going down on Celebrity Big Brother?

The live feeds for Celebrity Big Brother have been down for at least an hour. It began when Lolo Jones was having it out with Tamar. Things have been tense in the house and this morning, everything came to a head.

Viewers are waiting to find out what happened between Lolo and Tamar. It looked like the two may come to blows after their confrontation just before the live feeds went off. If they did end up swinging, will that get them thrown out of Celebrity Big Brother?

The plan moving forward

With Kato Kaelin being the Head of Household, there was some discussion that Tamar would be nominated for eviction. Could it be that she found out this morning and was going to go all in until she was sitting on the block?

There was also speculation that they were trying to find out who flipped and gave Kandi a vote for eviction.

Viewers all know it was Dina Lohan and by process of elimination, the houseguests should too. Jonathan Bennett knew her ahead of time and that alone should speak volumes about why she cast her vote that way.

If both Tamar and Lolo are allowed back into the game without reprimands, it is likely that the plan to nominate Tamar will move forward. When that happens, more fireworks are expected.

Celebrity Big Brother airs Sunday, January 27 at 8/7c on CBS.

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