Celebrity Big Brother fight: Was Lolo Jones kicked out of the house after fight with Tamar Braxton?

Tamar in the Celebrity Big Brother house
Tamar lived to see another day in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother has been intense during Season 2. There has only been one eviction so far, and since then, the entire house has been in chaos.

On Saturday, the feeds were down for nearly nine hours. Viewers were upset because they pay for access to the house so they can follow the drama and when something was about to go down, CBS cut the feeds and remained offline for hours.

What was the Celebrity Big Brother fight about?

The cast chosen for Celebrity Big Brother this season was one that made a lot of sense. It looks like they chose people who knew each other and may have had issues with one another at one point. That was definitely true for Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss.

While one may have assumed it was Tamar and Kandi who got into it yesterday, it was not.

Lolo Jones had stayed up late the night before, trying to convince the HOH Kato Kaelin not to nominate Tamar. After all of that, the two started to exchange words in the bedroom and when it got to the point where it looked like it may go to blows, the feeds were cut.

Did Lolo Jones get kicked out of the Celebrity Big Brother house?

Several reports have been circulating that Lolo Jones was kicked out of the Celebrity Big Brother house after her confrontation with Tamar Braxton. While it sounds intense, that isn’t what happened.

When the live feeds finally returned, Lolo was in the house and seen on camera.

It is unclear what actually happened between the two women in the Celebrity Big Brother house. A lot of speculation is making the rounds about how Lolo may have slapped Tamar but nothing has been confirmed as true.

Clearly, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been since both women remain in the house and haven’t had any more issues.

Celebrity Big Brother returns tonight at 8/7c on CBS.

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