Celebrity Big Brother canceled quietly by CBS, but do fans really miss it?

Bella Wang BB21
Isabella Wang was a Big Brother 21 cast member. Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother was quietly canceled this winter. It was so quiet that an official announcement was never made to the fans.

There had been a number of issues with Celebrity Big Brother 2, which aired during the winter of 2019. Producers had problems getting contestants to stick to their contracts and it caused a lot of drama behind the scenes.

A lot of bad press seemed to float around the second installment as it got close to premiering, but once it got started, the season mostly progressed without a hitch.

Tamar Braxton ended up getting named the Celebrity Big Brother 2 winner, but there were a lot of viewers rooting for one of the other celebrities to win it.

What happened to Celebrity Big Brother?

After Big Brother 21 came to an end — with Jackson Michie beating out Holly Allen in a jury vote (the couple is still together) — fans started looking for rumors about a new celebrity cast moving into the Big Brother house.

Rumors came and went. Host Julie Chen seemed to be dropping hints on social media — especially around Halloween — but then nothing happened. The celebrity version of the show just never returned and other programs took its place on the winter schedule.

Now, as the month of February rolls around, it has become pretty obvious that Celebrity Big Brother got canceled by CBS. Maybe it was just easier to move away from the program and not make it a topic of conversation. This way, they could bring it back in 2021 or further down the road.

A question here is whether fans really miss the celebrity version of the show. Sure, there were some fans who loved seeing the celebrities in the house, even though not everyone was easily recognizable. At the same time, many viewers simply tuned in because it was a way to pass the time between summer seasons.

Big Brother 22 start date on CBS

It won’t be long until the BB22 cast gets introduced to the fans and a new season of the reality competition show gets started. We posted some dates that we think the show might return in 2020, but it’s safe to assume that it will all get started up again in June.

Casting is still underway, so now fans just need to sit back and wait to hear what the theme is going to be for the summer 2020 season. Some fans still hope that it could be an All-Stars season, but other viewers want to see another entirely new cast.

Stay tuned, because as soon as we learn all the details, we will make sure to pass them on.

Big Brother 22 will debut in summer 2020 on CBS.

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3 years ago

I definitely mourned the loss of a winter installment of Big Brother this year, whether it was to include celebrities or not. I’m sure all true BB fans would agree… WE have been around since the days when the BB winter season had nothing to do with famous names at all (& long before Julie’s “But First” had a hashtag)!!!