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Captain America social media accounts replaced Steve Rogers with Sam Wilson as Cap

Captain America social media handles changed featured.
Sam Wilson as Captain America. Pic credit: @CaptainAmerica/Twitter- Marvel Studios

The official social media accounts of Captain America have replaced Steve Rogers with Sam Wilson as their Captain America.

The ending of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier series on Disney Plus makes it official: Sam Wilson is the new Captain America. It’s a fitting end to the series that focused on that journey for the character. 

From the onset of the Disney Plus series, fans expected less than the movies. The shows, such as WandaVision, Falcon And The Winter Soldier, and the upcoming Loki, all featured supporting characters from the larger MCU.

This created an expectation that the stories and the impact of those storylines would also be secondary to the larger stories told in the movies. WandaVision proved, both in storytelling and budgetary scope, that that was not true.

While WandaVision was more of an insular story about one specific character, the events of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier will have a deeper impact. Namely, one hero and their franchise is forever changed. 

Steve Rogers is no longer officially the Captain America of the MCU. That change is further cemented with the changing of the official Captain America social media accounts.

Captain America social media accounts now show Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson as Captain America
Pic credit: Disney Plus

Sam Wilson’s version of the character has replaced Rogers, at least on the internet. The official Captain America social media accounts updated their account details and images to that of Anthony Mackie’s Cap.

On Facebook, the changes are subtle, while Twitter is the most amusing. The Twitter profile now has Wilson’s Captain America as the banner, and the bio reads “on your left”. This is a callback to the first introduction of Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers, as Rogers lapped him during morning exercise.

The Captain America Twitter profile with the new banner and the ‘On your left’ bio. Pic credit: @CaptainAmerica/Twitter

While not seemingly a big deal, this social media change symbolizes a lot. Especially when added to the news of an in-development Captain America 4 movie, from the creators of The Falcon And the Winter Soldier.

Sam Wilson will lead the Captain America franchise. 

Sam Wilson as Captain America
Pic credit: Disney Plus

Given the smaller screen series, fans didn’t know if the stories from the Disney Plus MCU shows would carry over to the movies. At least, in a significant enough way. 

But with the social media accounts updated, it definitely looks like Sam Wilson will headline future Captain America movies as the leading character. 

This canonizes as much more than supplemental content that’s optional to the MCU. But instead, makes The Falcon And The Winter Soldier a bridge between the previous and upcoming MCU Captain America franchise. 

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier is now streaming on Disney Plus. 

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