Canine Intervention: Who is Jas Leverette and why are people petitioning for show to be canceled?

Promotional still from Canine Intervention.
Canine Intervention, a Netflix Original, follows Jas Leverette, a dog trainer in Oakland. Pic credit: Netflix

Premiering this week on Netflix was the series Canine Intervention, a reality program following one of the most reputable dog trainers in California.

What is the series about? 

This Netflix Original follows Jas Leverette, a dog trainer in Oakland. He is the owner of the facility Cali K9. This “top dog” facility has assisted many celebrity clients like comedian Kevin Hart and NBA basketball player Stephen Curry.

The series focuses on Leverette’s “unique training methods and techniques.”

Netflix writes, “Each episode will feature Jas as he works with a variety of dogs and their owners to fix their obedience and behavior issues.” Reportedly, Leverette has “never turned a dog away.”

Canine Intervention has one season with six episodes, each around thirty minutes. The series is directed and produced by Elise Duran, who is best known for her work in Being Chaz, Finding Sarah and Below Deck.

What is everybody saying?

The show has mixed critical reception and currently has a 5.4 out of 10 on IMDb. User reviews, found on Rotten Tomatoes, are ranking very poorly and have criticized the show for being “animal abuse passed off as entertainment.”

Online Netflix watchers and dog lovers seem divided in their opinions on the show. Many are big fans of Leverette’s work and also praise the diversity of the show, while others passionately disagree with the training techniques being implemented throughout the series.

One fan shared an image of their dog watching the show. They included the caption, “I found Max’s favorite show, it caught his attention so fast.”

Emma’s dog, Cooper, seemed to agree. 

One fan shared a screenshot from the first episode, comparing the dog’s appearance to the villainous clown Pennywise from IT. 

Petition for Netflix to cancel show

On the flip side, many are calling for the cancellation of Canine Intervention and criticizing Netflix for spreading messages of “animal cruelty” and negative reinforcements when it comes to animal training. 

An animal therapist wrote, “Disappointing to see some of the negative messages about dog training perpetuated on a high profile show like this i.e. aversives and pack hierarchy.  Not how we train!”

Another critic shared the link to a petition to urge Netflix to cancel the series. They asked the streaming platform, “Why would you endorse something like this?”

The verdict seems to be: Bare precaution when it comes to watching this show. Although it may offer tons of cute puppy close-ups and be enjoyable for casual streaming, it has been criticized for what some are calling a darker, underlying message.

Canine Intervention is now streaming on Netflix.

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Selena Diane Smith
Selena Diane Smith
2 years ago

Love Him, I need him to fix my dog. She’s so outta control!!! Please help us!! My daughter babies her, she’s a bad name dog, she’s SO bad. I don’t wanna have a choke collar on, or a shock collar, but considering it!!!

2 years ago

I love the show and the dog trainer. He was thorough, compassionate and effective. People are always complaining, rather than just do something themselves. I have not had a dog in 40 years but I see so many people with dogs who don’t know what they are doing and it is bad for the dog. Dogs are not people, this show was very clear about that. I vote they DO NOT cancel the show.