Bull recap: It’s time to meet the daughter of Dr. Jason Bull

Bull And Benny Season 4
Bull (Michael Weatherly) and Benny (Freddy Rodriguez) during Season 4 premiere of Bull. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

The Bull season premiere aired on Monday night, continuing the saga of the TAC team trying to use jury building to save their clients. It was an important episode, as the Season 3 finale has left a lot up in the air.

Would Bull mend the fences with Benny? Could the TAC team do well with a new lawyer on staff? How is Bull handling being a father?

Bull recap: Season 4, Episode 1

The season premiere episode was called “Labor Days,” and it sought to present an interesting case to the CBS audience. There was also a lot of personal drama that still had to be dealt with.

It was good to see that Bull and Izzy were living together and that her pregnancy with Bull’s child was progressing nicely. The missing element from their happiness was the lack of Benny.

Benny was still frustrated with how Bull had served as a catalyst to break up the marriage of his sister (Izzy). While he stated he would always be there for his niece and sister, he wasn’t so keen on continuing to help Bull.

The crux of this episode was the case of a bartender being charged with manslaughter after someone she had served ended up murdering five people. Bull started the case with a new lawyer, but it didn’t really work well, as the new guy only wanted a plea deal that would avoid a courtroom.

The case turned out to be a way for Benny to get back into the fold and rejoin the TAC team. This only came after Bull finally left an unprompted apology on Benny’s voicemail, leading to the lawyer showing up at the courtroom to begin the proceedings.

By the end of the episode, Benny and Bull were back on good terms, aided in no small part by Bull accepting that Benny had more to offer in the job. That included using a trial strategy that Benny came up with for the case. The jury ended up splitting its vote and the prosecution declined to do another trial.

A good bonus was included in the final moments of the episode, as a 27-year flash-forward was done. There, viewers got to see Bull’s daughter spending some time at a farm. It was shown that she was pregnant and then viewers heard the voices of Bull and Benny calling her back to the house for a New Year’s Eve party.

Bull airs Monday nights at 10/9c on CBS.

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