Bridget Moynahan discusses why Blue Bloods remains so popular

Bridget Moynahan
Bridget Moynahan as Erin Reagan facing a new challenge in Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

Bridget Moynahan is ready to keep Erin Reagan on her strong path.

In a new interview, the Blue Bloods actress discussed how it feels to be in her 12th season as the feisty Assistant District Attorney, her hopes for a reunion with on-screen daughter Sami Gayle and reprising her very first TV role. 

Erin’s new struggles as ADA

Over 12 seasons of Blue Bloods, Erin Reagan has shown her grit and determination. The single mother has handled being the only “girl” in the family of cops and keeps doing what it takes to put the bad guys away.

This season has introduced a new dynamic as Erin has clashed with D.A. boss Kimberly Crawford (Roslyn Ruff). This has led her to consider running for District Attorney herself. 

Speaking to Glamour magazine, Moynahan discussed why Blue Bloods continues to be such a success after a decade and why she’s grateful to stick with it. 

“It all has to do with the writing and new, more complicated story lines. We also have a team of actors who really appreciate the job and each other. We know how lucky we are to be on this show—and such a long-running show at that. It doesn’t come around that often, so when you’re working with people who express gratitude, it just fuels the show. Everybody wants to show up and do their best work.”

Moynahan was also happy with how the show avoids tying Erin too much to any romance. While she’s had her dalliances (including with her ex-husband), Erin is always focused more on the job than being with a man. 

“The producers would bring some characters in every once in a while to play that romantic interest, and to me, it always felt so forced. I didn’t see the need for it. But I don’t know if it was ever a specific conversation of, “Let’s just leave Erin single, as a single mother.” She was introduced on the show as a single, newly divorced, single parent. And I felt like there’s some strength and relatability in that for a lot of people.”

With a possible D.A. campaign coming, romance could be the furthest thing on Erin’s mind, yet she doesn’t let that affect her. 

Could we see Nicky again?

Nicky Regan
Sami Gayle as Nicky Reagan in Blue Bloods Pic credit: CBS

Moynahan credited co-stars Tom Selleck and Mark Wahlberg with helping the set feel like a true family. 

“It’s easy to think, Oh, I’ve done this, so let me go do that, where the grass is greener, but I think all of us understand what a good thing we have here.”

Moynahan is hopeful for the return of Sami Gayle as Erin’s daughter, Nicky. While still listed in the cast credits, Gayle only appeared in one episode of Season 11 with Nicky stated to be away at college, but Moynahan feels that helps her performance as Erin. 

“It’s unfortunate that her character is often at school, but at the same time, it’s so realistic. I mean, I’ve got stepsons who are that same age, and we don’t see them anymore because they’re off at college or they’re doing internships. As much as I miss Sami and those relationships, it’s very realistic because you have that loss, which is a very relatable life situation and a strange reality. There’s a grief to [when kids go off to college or to live on their own] that isn’t often addressed. We get to touch upon it.”

While a return seems unlikely, Moynahan is hopeful the mother-daughter pair can reunite for a future episode. 

Moynahan returning as SATC’s Natasha

Bridget Moynahan
Bridget Moynahan returning as Natasha in And Just Like That. Pic credit: HBO Max

Aside from Blue Bloods, Moynahan will be reprising her first TV series role as Natasha, the ex-wife of Big (Chris Noth) on the upcoming Sex and the City revival series And Just Like That…

Moynahan is mum on details for Natasha and what brings her back to meet Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) but was amazed at fans’ reaction to coming back to the role. 

“Yeah. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been doing Blue Bloods for 12 seasons now, and we just don’t get that kind of crowd. The Sex and the City fan base is huge, and they all show up to support that show. It’s amazing. I was overwhelmed that day. I was like, ‘Wow, this is what you guys are looking at every single day when you’re going to work on the streets of New York.’ It’s really quite impressive.”

While she seems to enjoy returning to another part, Moynahan, like most of the Blue Bloods cast, seems intent on staying with that CBS hit for however long fans want to keep watching.

Blue Bloods airs Fridays at 10/9c on CBS.

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