Bridezillas exclusive: Mom-of-bride is more interested in TANNING than planning her daughter’s wedding

Amanda's sister
Amanda’s sister reacts to the bride-to-be debating with her mom about whether to tan — or plan. Pic credit: WEtv

Priorities! Watch our exclusive clip from tonight’s Bridezillas as a mom refuses to help plan her daughter’s wedding — because she wants to TAN.

Bride-to-be Amanda wants to spend the afternoon collecting shells from the beach and doing shell decorations ahead of her big day. Her sister seems on board, but mom Lisa has other ideas.

Lisa says the strapless dress Amanda wants her to wear for the wedding will only look good if she’s got a tan — and not only that, she wants a skin-color that matches the dress color.

Which means she needs to tan NOW apparently, as it’s still afternoon and she says evening sun makes her turn orange.

“My tanning is way more of a priority than some sea shells,” she insists.

The episode also shows how Amanda and fellow Bridezilla Lessika — who we told last week wanted a viral-worthy wedding dance — both have grooms who seem completely uninterested in getting married.

Watch our exclusive clip below!

Bridezillas airs Fridays at 10/9c on WEtv.

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