Briana flips out at husband Matt over alleged cheating on Little Women: LA

Briana pictured shouting at Matt as her Little Women: LA co-stars look on
Briana yells at Matt as she confronts him over cheating claims on Little Women: LA

Briana Renee is forced to confront husband Matt Grundhoffer on tonight’s Little Women: LA — over claims he spent “hours” in a hotel room with another woman.

It comes after Matt was embroiled in a sexting scandal with trans supermodel Plastic Martyr last season. The year before that a woman called Makayla claimed he sent her “vulgar” text messages and nude pics.

Tonight Matt goes missing for several hours after he and Briana have a massive row. And her fears that he might be cheating have fuel added to the fire when Terra Jole informs her that he was seen in the hotel with another woman.

Terra tells Tonya Banks: “Matt and this girl from the bar went to her room for hours.”

She then shows Briana a photo of a woman, saying: “Was this the woman that you saw him with?” Briana says it was.

She then totally flips out at Matt as the ladies take a boat trip together, telling him: “You and I need to talk. I f***ing said, ‘did anything happen?’…you’re sick.”

The episode also see Jasmine Arteaga Sorge and Elena Gant intervene when they agree that Terra has lost control of herself.

Meanwhile, Terra and her husband Joe try to hook up Tonya and Kerwin.

Little Women: LA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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