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Book binding and Sir Francis Drake: Everything we know about new episode of The Curse of Oak Island

Rick Lagina on The Curse of Oak Island
Rick Lagina on this week’s episode of The Curse of Oak Island

SPOILER ALERT: This article reveals information from the eight-minute preview of tonight’s The Curse of Oak Island episode. If you’d rather watch it without knowing anything, don’t read on!

The latest episode of The Curse of Oak Island airs tonight — and it promises to be a good one.

From theories about Sir Francis Drake, to the discovery of a chest-shaped depression, here’s everything we know so far:

From the sneak peek

A sneak peek at the end of last week’s episode showed an expert discussing the possibility that English sea captain and privateer Sir Francis Drake could have a link to Oak Island.

We also saw several members of the team investigating a rectangular depression in the ground apparently discovered by Jack Begley.

Meanwhile, tests on an item the team found showed it to be a piece of book binding — with Craig Tester speculating about whether it could be part of Shakespeare’s manuscripts.

From the eight-minute preview

Further details were then given about the Sir Francis Drake theory in a short eight-minute preview of this week’s episode which aired last Thursday.

In it we saw local area historian Paul Speed revealing that he thought Drake could possibly be buried on the island.

Although there are no historical records of Drake having been in Nova Scotia, Speed said that Drake would have had the know-how to be behind the works on the island — and using “reverse engineering” could also have been placed there as well.

This could also possibly tie in to the “Shakespeare’s manuscripts” theory, as it’s thought that renowned philosopher, statesman and scientist Sir Francis Bacon would have known about the places Drake discovered in the New World — possibly even Oak Island.

Why is that important? Because some people believe Bacon may in fact be the author of Shakespeare’s writings — so if he was going to hide something, it could well be those original works.

From the episode description

The episode description reveals that two “new” pieces of evidence found in the Money Pit play a big role this episode.

The description reads: “Two new pieces of ancient evidence found deep in the Money Pit may be proof of theories that could rewrite the history of the Oak Island mystery.”

Judging by the trailers, it’s thought one of those pieces of evidence is probably the piece of book binding — which it’s believed could be one of the items Jack Begley and fellow team member Dan Henskee discovered last episode.

The second item could be something new found on this week’s episode, or possibly also one of the other previous discoveries from the H-8 borehole the team have been digging, possibly one of the pieces of pottery or one of the two pieces of human bone.

From the trailer

The trailer saw Marty Lagina reiterate that he thinks H-8 is the original Money Pit, while brother Rick told how he believes what is hidden on Oak Island is more than just temporal wealth.

We also saw Marty saying “we need to pursue this” as Dr. Christa Brosseau of St. Mary’s University in Halifax told the team that the item they previously found was a piece of book binding.

Meanwhile, the rectangular depression — which Jack Begley says is the ideal size for a chest — was also shown getting excavated, with Alex Lagina calling things to a halt when he thinks he spots concrete in the bottom.

Watch the trailer for The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 Episode 7 below!

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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