Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg shares news of sad family loss

Donnie Wahlberg
Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

Donne Wahlberg is sharing the news of a huge loss for him and his fans. 

The Blue Bloods star had to confirm the sad news that his beloved dog Lumpy, a constant companion in many of his social media posts, had to be put down in May due to illness. 

After confirming the news on his Instagram, the actor was met by a score of support from his fans, who had also grown to love the pup in his constant posts alongside Wahlberg. 

Wahlberg stated he had known fans were worried about the lack of posts of Lumpy but wanted to keep it quiet both because the pain was so raw and focusing on his summer music tour. 

His revelation was met with a score of support from fans, including some fellow musicians. 

It’s a rough loss for Wahlberg and his wife Jenny McCarthy even as the actor tries to weather through it.

Wahlberg and Lumpy’s history

For years, fans have become accustomed to seeing Wahlberg’s four-legged companion in his various social media posts.

Wahlberg has loved to show Lumpy following him on set or tour buses, hanging with his family or just running around like a dog should. 

Wahlberg got the French Bulldog in 2010 from a suggestion from his son on having someone with him while filming Blue Bloods and soon grew to love him. 

However, Lumpy has been conspicuously absent from Wahlberg’s posts for much of 2022. In a post on July 28, Wahlberg sadly revealed that his beloved dog had passed away two months earlier. 

“So many of you asked me about my constant sidekick, Lumpy, during the Mix Tape Tour. His usual playful presence, by my side, was clearly missed by all. Night after night, I was asked. Night after night, I uncomfortably avoided the conversation. I did so in order to allow our time together at meet & greet (and at the concerts) to be a time of joy, happiness and love. Three things that we all needed so desperately after the last few years of sadness, heartache and struggle. So it is with great difficulty that I inform you all now, that on May 18th (on one of the rare days off during the tour) my beloved dog Lumpy, was laid to rest.”

Wahlberg noted how much Lumpy meant not just to himself but to fans in the lengthy post gushing on memories with him. 

“He’s been a constant loving companion and a loyal friend to me and so many of you who got to know him. To some, Lumpy was a tv star, a rock star and a source of joy. For me — he was all of that and more. He was my best buddy. My family and I will miss him tremendously, as I know you all will too. As someone who always tries to find gratitude, even in the most heartbreaking of times, this situation is no different for me.

So today, despite the many tears shed while writing this, my broken heart is replaced by a thankful heart. A heart filled with gratitude and love for having been blessed with the best friend a guy could ever ask for. I don’t mourn Lumpy today — instead, I celebrate his memory. I invite you to do the same.”

Fans and stars pay tribute to Lumpy

The post sparked a wave of sympathy, with thousands of fans sharing their sorrow with Wahlberg. 

They included his NKOTB bandmate Danny Wood who wrote, “#riplumpy.” Jonathan Knight added, “What a beautiful tribute to him… and what a beautiful life he lived next to his amazing Dad!” 

Pop star Debbie Gibson commented, “Celebrating your magical fur bestie today and always. I’m so sorry for your loss. Sending love to you and your family.”

The actor noted the tributes for his dog trending and thanked fans for their support.

Another rough loss for Wahlberg was on August 1st, as the lifelong Boston Celtics fan had to mourn the death of the legendary Bill Russell. 

The 11-time NBA champion passed away at the age of 88, with Wahlberg re-posting a birthday tribute he made to Russell in 2019 with additional words gushing on the man’s legacy. 

Right now, Wahlberg is busy filming Season 13 of Blue Bloods, which is likely lonelier without Lumpy at his side. Yet he, and fans, will never forget that wonderful dog and the joy he brought.

Blue Bloods Season 13 premieres Friday October 7 at 10/9c on CBS.

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