Blue Bloods spinoff eyed at CBS

Tom Selleck on Blue Bloods.
Is Blue Bloods really ending? Pic credit: CBS

The end of Blue Bloods is almost upon us, but is it really the end of the beloved crime drama?

After S.W.A.T. was un-canceled earlier this year, Blue Bloods fans hoped there was a way forward for the long-running series.

Those hopes were dashed when the network confirmed last month that the back half of Blue Bloods Season 14 will 100% be the end for the show.

However, during Paramount’s annual stockholders meeting this week, we got our biggest indication that the franchise will not remain dormant for long.

According to TV Line, Paramount Global co-CEO Brian Robbins hinted a spinoff is in the works.

“In TV, new franchise extensions are coming for Dexter, Billions, and Blue Bloods,” the exec said.

CBS tends to keep beloved franchises alive with spinoffs

Spinoffs of popular CBS series aren’t a groundbreaking concept, with NCIS: Origins, NCIS: Tony & Ziva, and Criminal Minds: Evolution being some recent efforts.

Blue Bloods is an interesting case because it has remained a stellar performer over the years, but the sticking point has been the budget, with the cast taking pay cuts to get Blue Bloods Season 14 ordered.

With the TV ad market flatlining and diminished ratings across the board, it’s getting more difficult for aging series with higher price tags to survive.

Still, at least an ending for the original Blue Bloods is in the works, and if a spinoff materializes, it will be interesting to see how it will connect to the original.

Spinoffs are a cost-effective way to keep franchises alive

At this stage, a new show with the same cast and stories told over a longer arc — like Criminal Minds: Evolution — could be the best way forward to keep the universe alive.

Paramount Global is focused on keeping legacy franchises alive, and the most cost-effective way to accomplish that goal is with new shows.

Dexter is getting a prequel, which should be interesting, but that will air on Paramount+ with Showtime.

With so few details about the Blue Bloods offshoot, it’s hard to tell where it will air or what characters it will be about.

A possible scenario is for CBS and Paramount+ to share the show, which would make it even more plausible to sustain if the cast budgets are a concern.

The network will probably firm up its plans for Blue Bloods ahead of its November series finale.

Blue Bloods is currently on hiatus. Season 14 is set to resume in September on CBS. Stream Seasons 1-14 on Paramount+.

All episodes of Blue Bloods are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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